Saturday, 4 May 2013

Top Albums of the 60s - Listen to these tunes.

A few rules a notes for this post, firstly this i'm forcing myself to only include one album of each artist hence why there is only one Beatles album and One Bob Dylan album. Also this is personal opinion so don't start raising the townsfolk in arms just because you disagree. 

10. Let It Bleed - Rolling Stones 

The Beatles' great rivals finally succeeded in releasing a album to match the Beatles in 1969 thus cementing them into Rock's history. 

9. Music From Big Pink - The Band

The world's greatest backing band's first solo effort truly destroyed the minds of the musicians of 1968 and left many of them questioning the meaning of their music. 

8. Piper At The Gates Of Dawn - Pink Floyd

Syd Barrett's masterpiece was glorious and was the best Floyd effort until Dark Side. However i consider this their 2nd best album overall with only Wish You Were Here topping it. 

7. Tommy - The Who 

The first true Rock Opera. No on has beaten it and i doubt anyone will, the brilliance of it is overwhelming and the Who's instrumental brilliance is shown brilliantly. 

6. The Doors - The Doors

The Californian Psych rockers were never better than in their debut album. 

5. Blonde On Blonde - Bob Dylan 

Dylan' best, and yes that means alot if i had my way, Bob Dylan would release a album a year. He is wonderful and is the true last great musician of the 60s still going (except possibly Paul Simon) and god damn it he better not fall over and break his back before i see him live. 

4. Are You Experienced - Jimi Hendrix

We miss you Jimi return to our planet, please? 
This album is just as brilliant as everything else on this list. 

3. Disraeli Gears - Cream

Eric Clapton, Jack Bruce and Ginger Backer's baby never sounded so groovy. 

2. Revolver - The Beatles

The Best Band in the world. Don't argue with me, in terms of everything they are the best, except best album ever, this one makes number 2 in my best ever list too. Not because it is weak or inperfect just because i'm in love with the other album.

1. Forever Changes - Love

The greatest album ever. Buy it now... i wash't joking -_- you won't regret it