Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Charlie Boyer and The Voyeurs

Charlie Boyer and the Voyeurs are what is known as a retro rock band, with garage rock tendencies, and this causes usual mass confusion about why they're signed up by the 'Heavenly' Label, best known for giving us such psychedelic artists as TOY or Temples, and although this affiliation does them favours (including them in one of the most promising recording scenes) it also doesn't always help them, because people are a lot more likely to ignore them due to their label mates.

Charlie Boyer and the Voyeurs are also responsible for bringing retro sounds back into the field, and are bringing proper guitar music back alongside NME favourites Palma Violets, while The Strypes bring back blues-rock and Jacco Gardner brings back 60s psychedelica. This resurgence of music is creating a steady stream of music which appears promising and i personally am looking forward to what may come.

Their Album "Clarietta" is out at the end of this month, and it looks promising, check out your local store and buy it. I hope you won't regret it.