Thursday, 25 July 2013

My Favourite Albums 70-79

79.  Murmur - R.E.M

Alternative Rock
Released: 1983

78.  Easter - Patti Smith

Rock/ Punk Rock
Released: 1978

77.  Texas Flood - Stevie Ray Vaughan

Blues Rock
Released: 1983

76.  Definitely Maybe  - Oasis

Released: 1994

75.  My Generation - The Who

Released: 1965

74.  Boston - Boston

Rock/ hard Rock
Released: 1976

73.  Rumours -Fleetwood Mac

Soft Rock
Released: 1977

72.  NeverMind - Nirvana

Released: 1991

71.  Harvest - Neil Young

Folk Rock
Released : 1972

70.  Mr Fantasy - Traffic

Released:  1967

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Albums Of June

5.  Evil Friends- Portugal. The Man - June 4th

4. KveiKur - Sigur Ros - June 12th

3.   Howlin - Jagwa Ma - June 10th

2. Don't Forget Who You Are - Miles Kane - 3rd June

1. Like Clockwork.... - Queens Of The Stone Ages - June 3rd

The Stones At Hyde Park

This is where i say i'm sorry for not posting, unfortunately in the memory of rock 'n' roll i refuse to care.

Now what have you been up to lately? Oh really, how is your grandma doing nowadays anyway? oh really, sorry to hear. Me? Oh not much really, I ate dinner, watched some telly, listened to some Yes and then went to Hyde park to see (as the daily mail coined them) the living dead (Better known in the music world as the Rolling Stones).

Yes, i went to see the Stones, i went on the 6th so.... yeah i'm a bit late at posting, anywho I Went there, joined in on the insane barrier run, in which i'm fairly certain i shortened my life by several years, and managed to get to the barrier.

The wait was antagonising, but soon King Charles came on and Sung a series of Mum-Friendly songs for you to listen to on a sunny day. He wasn't bad, and lived up to the (Slightly high) standards  i had set for him. But really? He didn't make my jaw drop.

A Hour (Or so) later the modern day Guitarist of the moment strode on stage and hit out epic after epic, Gary was simply incredible, This was my second time seeing him, after he had opened for Eric Clapton earlier in the year at the Royal Albert Hall, at which i was the only person in the seeable audience who stood and clapped him.

Now Temper Trap i have to admit to not really knowing, or really caring for. So i admit to not fully paying them attention. However if any of you do per chance read this and feel sad upon reading this, don't cry but..... a bunch of old stones were more energetic than you.

Then the vaccines strode on, and reared the crowd for the entrance of the Stones. The Vaccines were  really good, they had songs which the crowd and i loved but.... i was still basically peeing myself for Mick and Co.

So they came on just before i ruined my underwear. I stood no more than 8 Meters from Ronnie's Constant place, came so close to Mick and Keith that i almost died and ultimately, I had the best time of my life, i can never say how much i loved it. Words are useless and its too hot in England at the moment to concentrate.

^ That was not by me
I Forgot a Camera