Monday, 18 March 2013

The Ever So Great Top 5 Glam Rock LPs

So i Know i promised a lovely pro-modern music blog but I've decided to mix it up with best of lists.
Please feel free to shower me with praise in the comment section or if you want to be picky you can even insult my choice or offer your own top 5. Please go it. I wont even scream if you add a terrible record.... actually i might.

5 - The Man Who Sold The World- David Bowie - Released 1970

A safe choice for a glam rock list i know, but i  have a rather soft unsaid love for this album, on my Itunes Libary it has only 4 stars but the missing one star is only around because of "running guns blues" which i just really don't like. 
This is also considered the first Glam rock album 

4- Mott - Mott The Hoople -Released 1973

The best Mott the Hoople album despite the fact that it doesn't include "all the Young Dudes", On my Itunes album; again this holds only 4 stars and im not certain why, but considering i have just 68 5 star albums it isn't a bad thing.
This album is so solid and constant it is worth a good listen. go on listen to it i'll wait for you to finish.

Amazing, right?

3- Electric Warrior - T.Rex - Released 1971

The Great Marc Bolan's great masterpiece, now I'm not a critic, or hold any modicum of professional knowledge about music but if i was i would be on the phone screaming at the rock and roll hall of fame. Again im afraid this album only has 4 stars.... sorry... Marc

2- Transformer - Lou Reed - Released 1972

The 3rd Best Album Of 1972. A rather poor showing really for this album but when you consider that the two albums above it are Exile On Main St.(Rolling Stones) and Ziggy Stardust (David Bowie), it really isn't bad. I'm a fan of the Velvet Underground but was rather depressed when i saw how soon they broke up. So i naturally went to their leader's solo career and wasn't disappointed. This and Berlin are amazing albums which deserve to be heard. It also includes some killer song like "I'm So free" and "Perfect Day" This album is also one of the 68 with 5 stars on my Itunes Libary out of 744 albums.


The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars

 David Bowie 

Released 1971

With all due to respect to every record mentioned before this one completely destroys them. Frequently topping Best of... lists and generally being the best Bowie album. "Sufragette City" Is one of the best songs of Bowie's Lifetime and i personally currently have my fingers crossed that Bowie tours The Next Day  and sings it. 

Thanks For Reading Folks

Many Moons have past since music last happily strode its way into schools and tore the pupils away from their textbooks.
Many Moons have gone since the charts were last full of good old fashioned Rock And Roll.
But Rock hasn't stopped its just been taking a breather, i mean the amount of drugs it did, come on now be fair, it deserves a breather.
So how will this revival of music happen, well thats obvious in the underground, and im not taling about the teenage mutant ninja turtles. Im talking about the Underground, which was once laden in Velvet, the madchester underground. It's been here since Swing music and you can rest assured it will never leave us.
This new generation of musicians, well lets just say I'm going to be championing them for the next while over this blog, in an attempt to make sure Bieber and his directions can surrender and waltz away (hopefully not to the last waltz).

So follow me for a blog that reminises about the past and looks forward to the future.

A blog by a 16 year old boy (almost 17) who will live long enough to see Rock on it's pedestal again.