Tuesday, 21 May 2013

The Best Few Tracks I've Heard Over May

The Strypes - Hometown Girl

The Blues boys returned this month and after a bit of larking about, talking to a few legends and performing alongside Paul Weller. Decided that we mere mortals had been good enough to be graced with this single; ( if you have an consistency with this blog you will know of my adoration of the strypes) Although this single fails to live up to Blue collar Jane it proves they're not just a one trick pony and neither are they a covers band.

Temples- Colours To Life

Who doesn't want to live like a hippy once in their life? Free Love, Psych, Drugs, Unity. There was everythin everybody would want but unfortunately if you're reading this you either didn't live in that wonderful age or you're a very Tech-Savy 60 year old in which case *High Five*.
Temples in this single replicate the sounds of the mid 60s 'Tomorrow Never Knows' Beatles while maintaining a look that Marc Bolan would love.

Charlie Boyer And The Voyeurs - Be Glamorous

Horror, Glam Rock and Psychedelica met up one night and made a drunk accident, that accident was named Charlie Boyer and if there was ever a case for "There Are No Accidents" then this is it. Charlie manages to both herald a return to Guitar music and bring back a Bolan-esque feel in this single, while it may not be as good as "Children Of The Revolution" It isn't bad at all.

MGMT - Alien Days

Who Remembers MGMT ? The Wonderkids behind "Kids", Well they grew up. Took Some Acid. And Created The Best Track Of the year. Psychedelica Is Back And with MGMT leading it we may just get a bit of free lovin going on too.

The Magnetic Mind - Maybe The Stars, Maybe The Sun

Hey, Did you hear that fad back in the 60s... L.A Psych... well i think a echo of it just went by. The Magnetic Mind are without a doubt one of those acts that wish they were in the 60s, in which they would of sold millions and been able to get high with The Beatles (Don't we all yearn for such a occasion ) but unfortunately they weren't going then, so they're just going to have to cope with making music for our ears.

Queens Of The Stone Ages - I Appear Missing

The Queens of stadium rocking return with a lead up single to their album,  which will be released in June. The Queens Of The Stone Ages are truly wonderful, they're unique yet they aren't. They're playing a heck load of festivals over the summer if you're lucky you may just stumble upon the Stadium Rockers themselves, who only Rammenstein And Muse could challenge for the crown of Best modern Stage Performers.

Daft Punk - Give Life Back To Music

The Robots have taken over the world.
Prepare for their entry into your ears.
Electronic Disco Giving life to the masses as well as just music .

The Orwells - Other Voices

George Orwell would likely be disgusted that his name was stolen for such purposes and for the sounds made. However i'm not related to him so i have no qualms at loving this Punk genius who are so young that they make the Strypes appear almost middle aged (Despite the fact that the Strypes are younger, Freaky? HUH?)

Deap Vally - Baby I Call Hell

Do You Remember Jack White? Yeah that legend. I miss him too. I wonder what he's up to? Well his silence (Excluding making songs for soundtracks) has been made up by this duo of female Blues-Rockers who present a 2010s White Stripes and may just become as popular as them. Although they'll need everyones help.

Jagwa Ma - Man I Need

You Know Australia really do try to mantian good music nowadays, what with Tame Impala, Pond and San Cisco and NOW this, Indie Dance is back. So go get back into shape so you can groove to these tunes.