Thursday, 25 July 2013

My Favourite Albums 70-79

79.  Murmur - R.E.M

Alternative Rock
Released: 1983

78.  Easter - Patti Smith

Rock/ Punk Rock
Released: 1978

77.  Texas Flood - Stevie Ray Vaughan

Blues Rock
Released: 1983

76.  Definitely Maybe  - Oasis

Released: 1994

75.  My Generation - The Who

Released: 1965

74.  Boston - Boston

Rock/ hard Rock
Released: 1976

73.  Rumours -Fleetwood Mac

Soft Rock
Released: 1977

72.  NeverMind - Nirvana

Released: 1991

71.  Harvest - Neil Young

Folk Rock
Released : 1972

70.  Mr Fantasy - Traffic

Released:  1967

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Albums Of June

5.  Evil Friends- Portugal. The Man - June 4th

4. KveiKur - Sigur Ros - June 12th

3.   Howlin - Jagwa Ma - June 10th

2. Don't Forget Who You Are - Miles Kane - 3rd June

1. Like Clockwork.... - Queens Of The Stone Ages - June 3rd

The Stones At Hyde Park

This is where i say i'm sorry for not posting, unfortunately in the memory of rock 'n' roll i refuse to care.

Now what have you been up to lately? Oh really, how is your grandma doing nowadays anyway? oh really, sorry to hear. Me? Oh not much really, I ate dinner, watched some telly, listened to some Yes and then went to Hyde park to see (as the daily mail coined them) the living dead (Better known in the music world as the Rolling Stones).

Yes, i went to see the Stones, i went on the 6th so.... yeah i'm a bit late at posting, anywho I Went there, joined in on the insane barrier run, in which i'm fairly certain i shortened my life by several years, and managed to get to the barrier.

The wait was antagonising, but soon King Charles came on and Sung a series of Mum-Friendly songs for you to listen to on a sunny day. He wasn't bad, and lived up to the (Slightly high) standards  i had set for him. But really? He didn't make my jaw drop.

A Hour (Or so) later the modern day Guitarist of the moment strode on stage and hit out epic after epic, Gary was simply incredible, This was my second time seeing him, after he had opened for Eric Clapton earlier in the year at the Royal Albert Hall, at which i was the only person in the seeable audience who stood and clapped him.

Now Temper Trap i have to admit to not really knowing, or really caring for. So i admit to not fully paying them attention. However if any of you do per chance read this and feel sad upon reading this, don't cry but..... a bunch of old stones were more energetic than you.

Then the vaccines strode on, and reared the crowd for the entrance of the Stones. The Vaccines were  really good, they had songs which the crowd and i loved but.... i was still basically peeing myself for Mick and Co.

So they came on just before i ruined my underwear. I stood no more than 8 Meters from Ronnie's Constant place, came so close to Mick and Keith that i almost died and ultimately, I had the best time of my life, i can never say how much i loved it. Words are useless and its too hot in England at the moment to concentrate.

^ That was not by me
I Forgot a Camera

Sunday, 30 June 2013

They rolled stones in Glasto

Last night one of the greatest band ever went to one of the greatest festivals ever with them they brought a anticipation to match no other at the festival as well as a seasoned set list of hits to rival none.

Despite living roughly 8 miles from  Glastonbury itself i failed to get tickets so i had to cope with (as many of you did) watching them on the TV, so the first moment i got to see them they were mid-way through playing "miss You" and i'll admit to being disappointed in Mick and the boys as they were seemingly not getting the crowd up and dancing how wrong i was.

Following this Midnight Rambler gained a almost euphoric feel from the crowd and i was busy contemplate whether the Stones are the best band i've seen on the TV. Mick then launched into the much-unspoken about bardic tale of "2000 years" from their 1967 album Satanic Majesties Request, claiming that "We're not going to do the whole of Satanic Majesties" and making myself and every viewer wish they did all of it. As the stage filled with light and a psychedelic atmosphere i felt like i was witnessing them first hand, before they shot into their bad-luck song "Sympathy for the Devil" which saw Jagger draped in a cape made of Faux Crows and a giant metallic bird look upon the crowd and breath smoke upon them (No I'm not on drugs... look it up). 
Start me up, Tumbling Dice and Brown Sugar all followed with the crowd never losing its fever over the Stones, and by the point that they strolled out for their encore you could feel the anticipation pulsing from the crowd. 

The wait, the confirmation of the encore, a perfect rendition of "you can't always get what you want" and a beautiful "Satisfaction" finished off the night alongside a unified bow from all of the surviving Stones (Excluding Bill Wyman).

A Perfect End to a Perfect Show.

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Up in Bristol Irish Boys Run Wild

Three Yesterdays ago i headed up to the big ol' city of Bristol, why? Well although i find Boring as Fuck boats interesting, i actually went up to see the Strypes. You know the Strypes, the band i go on about for ages like here and here as well.

So anyway The Strypes are my second favourite band of these dark damp modern times. So i went up there to see them, I got served (which is always good for a 16 year old male) and i also got right to the front.

For the life of me i can't remember what they played though.... "Can't Judge a book", "hometown girls", "Blue collar jane" i remember them.... i don't remember much else, i wasn't even really drunk...

However i met them before the gig, they're very irish but nice enough, i spoke to them about the Who and apparently they share the same manager, i also stole one of their picks after they left the stage, i was going to take the setlist too,  but the guy next to me got hit for trying to, and i like my beautiful rugged face so i didn't want to risk it.

So overall a A-Class night out and a fucking brilliant band, my 2nd favourite Gig ever, only after the FUCKING WHO, then again all of the Strypes age added up together is probably still younger than Roger Daltrey's age so maybe they'll become better.

Friday, 21 June 2013


So myself being the untimely retro git that i am, bought tickets for what i anticipated as a show with two nearly dead men and two corpse's music being played. Thats right i went to see the Who at the O2 on the 15th of June.

So i'll give you a slight overview of what i saw, what went on, and how my rather depressing expectation was proven to be full of shit.

I arrived fairly early lingered around the O2 arena and was generally getting hyped for the Who for nearly 2 hours before the barriers opened. I was amongst the first handful of people into the stadium (proudly sneaking in a camera against the O2's rules).

The opening act a soulful retro R&B act called Vintage Trouble (more on them in a later post) impressed me enough that i was on the edge of my seat from Block C (the furthest you could get while being on the ground bit, which wasn't actually that far away). As the venue slowly filled, Roger Daltrey came on the stage looking like a old granny, With Pete Townshend strolling on with a hat on him which reminded me of a ageing Chicago gangster.

Going straight off with 'The Real me' and ending with 'Love 'Reign Over Me' I began to realise that the term "Rock Opera" actually meant something and wasn't just fancy words thrown together, i realised it was a opera made of Rock, and that Pete Townshend was a genius, a true genius of our times.

During the performance you got the feeling that although they obviously yearned for the past (Keith Moon in Bell Boy, and John Entwistle in 5:15) they were contented as Roger said at the end "there's still life in the old fuckers".

Their Encore which wasn't really a encore was packed with greatest hits which made everyone in the audience young and old (the average age was probably 40 something) explode, although the highlight was without a doubt Roger's scream in 'Won't get fooled again'.

Rock may be weaker than it has been for years but fuck it as Roger said in Glasgow "who do you think we are? Justin Fuckin Bieber?"

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

The Modfather Part II: Kane

Miles Kane was (many years ago) a simple poor kid, he used to sit around listening to his parents records of the Beatles or the Who or the Jam, while all his contemporaries sat around listening to the latest boy bands and pop sh*t. Much like me actually.

However Miles unlike myself took action and started carving out a career, first in small bands at the age of 16 and gradually into minor known bands like 'the little rascals'. Despite this his name and hence his true brand of music would go unnoticed until 2008. When he and Arctic Monkeys Frontman 'Alex Turner' released a album together called 'Last of the Shadow Puppets', this album became critically acclaimed and gave off the feeling of he first fresh mod feel since Paul Weller had stopped releasing good albums.

In 2011 he finally released his critically acclaimed debut album called 'Colour Of The Trap' which gained popularity due to its anthem-like 'Come Closer' and presenting a even more modern mod image then 'Last Of The Shadow Puppets' had.

Now with his success and rising popularity he has a new album to release a equally good second album, He did this Yesterday (June 3rd) and having listened to it, i can confirm that Miles is still the next modfather.

My Favourite Albums 80-89

89.  Trout Mask Replica - Captain Beefheart

Psychedelic/Avant Garde
Released: 1969

88.  Cloud Nine - George Harrison

Released: 1987

87.  Ten- Pearl Jam

Released: 1991

86.  Marquee Moon -Television

Post Punk
Released: 1977

85.  Heroes - David Bowie

Art Rock
Released: 1977

84.  Moby Grape - Moby Grape

Psychedelic Rock
Released: 1967

83.  Magical Mystery Tour - The Beatles

Psychedelic Rock
Released: 1967

82.  Born Under A Bad Sign - Albert King

Blues Rock
Released: 1967

81.  Plastic Ono Band - John Lennon

Released: 1970

80.  Sticky Fingers - Rolling Stones

Blues Rock
Released: 1971

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Albums Of May

5. Trouble Will Find Me - The National  - May 20th

4.  Silence Yourself - The Savages - May 5th

3.  Clarietta - Charlie Boyer And The Voyeurs - May 27th

2. Once I Was A Eagle - Laura Marling - May 27th

1. Random Access Memories - Daft Punk - May 20th

Saturday, 25 May 2013

My Favourite Albums 90-100

100.  Tago Mago - Can

Released: 1971

99.  Low - David Bowie

Art Rock
Released: 1977

98.  The Clash - The Clash

Released: 1977

97.  Born In The USA - Bruce Springsteen

Heartland Rock
Released: 1984

96.  Automatic For The People - R.E.M

Alterative Rock
Released: 1992

95.  Wildflowers - Tom Petty

Folk Rock/Blues Rock
Released: 1994

94.  Slowhand - Eric Clapton
Blues Rock
Released: 1977

93.  In The Court Of The Crimson King - King Crimson

Progressive Rock
Released: 1969

92.  Five Leaves Left - Nick Drake

Released: 1969

91.  Deja Vu - Crosby, Stills, Nash And Young

Folk Rock
Released: 1970

90. American Beauty - Grateful Dead

Psychedelic Rock
Released: 1970

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

The Best Few Tracks I've Heard Over May

The Strypes - Hometown Girl

The Blues boys returned this month and after a bit of larking about, talking to a few legends and performing alongside Paul Weller. Decided that we mere mortals had been good enough to be graced with this single; ( if you have an consistency with this blog you will know of my adoration of the strypes) Although this single fails to live up to Blue collar Jane it proves they're not just a one trick pony and neither are they a covers band.

Temples- Colours To Life

Who doesn't want to live like a hippy once in their life? Free Love, Psych, Drugs, Unity. There was everythin everybody would want but unfortunately if you're reading this you either didn't live in that wonderful age or you're a very Tech-Savy 60 year old in which case *High Five*.
Temples in this single replicate the sounds of the mid 60s 'Tomorrow Never Knows' Beatles while maintaining a look that Marc Bolan would love.

Charlie Boyer And The Voyeurs - Be Glamorous

Horror, Glam Rock and Psychedelica met up one night and made a drunk accident, that accident was named Charlie Boyer and if there was ever a case for "There Are No Accidents" then this is it. Charlie manages to both herald a return to Guitar music and bring back a Bolan-esque feel in this single, while it may not be as good as "Children Of The Revolution" It isn't bad at all.

MGMT - Alien Days

Who Remembers MGMT ? The Wonderkids behind "Kids", Well they grew up. Took Some Acid. And Created The Best Track Of the year. Psychedelica Is Back And with MGMT leading it we may just get a bit of free lovin going on too.

The Magnetic Mind - Maybe The Stars, Maybe The Sun

Hey, Did you hear that fad back in the 60s... L.A Psych... well i think a echo of it just went by. The Magnetic Mind are without a doubt one of those acts that wish they were in the 60s, in which they would of sold millions and been able to get high with The Beatles (Don't we all yearn for such a occasion ) but unfortunately they weren't going then, so they're just going to have to cope with making music for our ears.

Queens Of The Stone Ages - I Appear Missing

The Queens of stadium rocking return with a lead up single to their album,  which will be released in June. The Queens Of The Stone Ages are truly wonderful, they're unique yet they aren't. They're playing a heck load of festivals over the summer if you're lucky you may just stumble upon the Stadium Rockers themselves, who only Rammenstein And Muse could challenge for the crown of Best modern Stage Performers.

Daft Punk - Give Life Back To Music

The Robots have taken over the world.
Prepare for their entry into your ears.
Electronic Disco Giving life to the masses as well as just music .

The Orwells - Other Voices

George Orwell would likely be disgusted that his name was stolen for such purposes and for the sounds made. However i'm not related to him so i have no qualms at loving this Punk genius who are so young that they make the Strypes appear almost middle aged (Despite the fact that the Strypes are younger, Freaky? HUH?)

Deap Vally - Baby I Call Hell

Do You Remember Jack White? Yeah that legend. I miss him too. I wonder what he's up to? Well his silence (Excluding making songs for soundtracks) has been made up by this duo of female Blues-Rockers who present a 2010s White Stripes and may just become as popular as them. Although they'll need everyones help.

Jagwa Ma - Man I Need

You Know Australia really do try to mantian good music nowadays, what with Tame Impala, Pond and San Cisco and NOW this, Indie Dance is back. So go get back into shape so you can groove to these tunes.

The Genius Better Known As The Strokes

The Strokes are without a doubt one of my favourite 2000s bands, their 2001 album 'Is this It?' is  my favourite album of the past 20 years. I anticipate that most people kno who they are (A Indie- Garage Rock Band) so i won't bore you with details of their brilliance.
All you need to know is that they are genius.

The Strokes are a american rock band formed in New York in 1999, with their membership including; Julian Casablancas (Singer), Nick Valensi (Lead Guitarist), Albert Hammond Jr (Guitarist) , Fabrizio Moretti (Drums),  Nikolai Fraiture (Bass).

Alongside Detroit Based geniuses The White Stripes they helped usher in a new era of Garage Rock, While their debut album 'Is This It?' was declared the 199th best album ever by rolling stone magazine while i consider it the 65th best album ever.

They Have Since Created 4 other albums with their latest 'comedown machine' being the best album of 2013 in my humble opinion


Saturday, 18 May 2013

Best Albums Of April

5. The Terror - Flaming Lips - 1st April

4.  Mosquito - Yeah Yeah Yeahs -  16th April

3.  Overgrown - James Blake - 8th April 

2. Itunes Sessions (Yes I know it isn't a studio album) - Gary Clark Jr - 25th April

1. Bankrupt! - Phoenix - 23rd April 

Best Albums Of March

5. Bad Blood - Bastille - 4th March

4. In Love - Peace - 25th March

3. Chronicles Of Marnia - Marnie Stern - 19th March

2.  The Next Day - David Bowie - 12th March

1. Comedown Machine - The Strokes - 26th March 

Best Albums Of February

5. Amok - Atoms For Peace - 25th February

4. 180 - Palma Violets - 25th February 

3. Holy Fire - Foals - 11th February

2. Cabinet Of Curiosities - Jacco Gardner - 11th February

1. The Messenger - Johnny Marr - 25th February

Best Albums Of January

5. Arc - Everything Everything - 14th January 

4.  Wolf's Law - The Joy Formidable - 21st January 

3. True North - Bad Religion - 22nd January 

2.  Opposites - Biffy Clyro - 28th January 

1. We Are The 21st Century Ambassadors of Peace & Magic -Foxygen- 22nd January 

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Top top 10 tracks of the Year SO FAR

1. Upstarts - Johnny Marr

2.  Entertainment - Phoenix

3. Get Lucky - Daft Punk

4. The Stars(Are Out Tonight) - David Bowie

5. San Francisco - Foxygen

6. Immortals - Marnie Stern

7.  Blue Collar Jane - The Strypes

8. 80s Comedown Machine - The Strokes

9. Please Don't Say You Love Me - Gabrielle Aplin

10.  Pompeii - Bastille

Friday, 10 May 2013

Top 100 Britpop songs ever - Really NME ?

I buy NME every week religiously, i sit there, read it, then i proceed to laugh at some of their opinions. I don't openly dismiss their thoughts but.... i've got to say..... NME's top 10 Britpop songs... was terrible this is their top 10.

1. Common People- Pulp
2. Girls & Boys - Blur
3. Cigarettes & alcohol - Oasis
4. Connection - Elastica
5. Yes - Mcalmont & Butler
6. End of a century - Blur
7. Supersonic  - Oasis
8. Reverend Black Grape - Black Grape
9. Animal Nitrate - Suede
10. Sorted for E's & Wizz

Now i won't bore you with why it's bad although i could mention a lack of Kula shaker *cough* *cough*.

so heres my top 10

1.  Common People - Pulp (Me and NME are in agreement there)
2. Live Forever - Oasis
3. Girls & Boys - Blur (Me and NME Both agree to its brilliance)
4. Bittersweet Sympathy - The Verve
5.  Hush - Kula Shaker (Although it was a cover)
6. Connection - Elastica (OK me and NME also acknowledge this)
7. The Beautiful Ones - Suede
8. Alright  -  Supergrass
9. Daydreamer - Menswear
10. Wide Open Space - Mansun

Now you've heard mine, do you agree with me or hate my choice? comment below to have your superior opinions heard

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

The sky (ferreira) is the limit.

Sky Ferreira is very possibly the next pop princess... in a good way, no not like Selena Gomez, not  like Kylie either... or Madonna... ok she's a first, but she's actually pretty good, i mean in the same way that i love Florrie's music, i love Sky's.

Her genre is unique, her music style is unique and lets face it she has the face that would make people buy her music if the sounds were that of muffled farts. BUT they're not.

As brilliant as this all sounds, i can guarantee you that if you are a solid blues fan , a standard indie fan or someone who sticks strongly to classic rock reader you won't like her, she plays a mix between synth-pop, alternative pop and dance pop, not the cup of tea for our everyday rocker.

Her debut album is called "I'm Not Alright" which yes i agree i'm not a fan of, although i prefer abstract title names myself or ones that are puns. This one however.... leaves me with a aftertaste in my mouth which doesn't have the heart to go away.  This Debut album is out sometime in august and although i'd recomend it to anyone, i can imagine it not being most peoples cup of tea, however this is just the way i love my Earl Grey.

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Bringing The Past Back with Jagwar Ma

I wasn't given the honour to be alive in 80s Manchester, as were many of you i'm sure. However two people who also failed to experience it, are trying to recreate the sounds, no they aren't the Gallagher brothers, they're not even from Manchester, or Britain. It's Australia's Jagwar Ma whom are trying to recreate the 'Madchester' sound. Following in the resurrection of retro by the likes of Jacco Gardner, The Strypes, Temples, Peace and Charlie Voyeur and the voyeurs.

Jagwar Ma are unique in every sense of the world, they're trying to usher in a second wave of Indie dance, when lets face it the independent market doesn't need it, but perhaps this is what has made them so in demand, the fact that they aren't catering for anyone and are just struggling onwards with passion, 'throwing their hair into the wind' being the expression i'd use. 

Think Stone Roses. 
Think Happy Mondays.
Now stop thinking and dance.

Charlie Boyer and The Voyeurs

Charlie Boyer and the Voyeurs are what is known as a retro rock band, with garage rock tendencies, and this causes usual mass confusion about why they're signed up by the 'Heavenly' Label, best known for giving us such psychedelic artists as TOY or Temples, and although this affiliation does them favours (including them in one of the most promising recording scenes) it also doesn't always help them, because people are a lot more likely to ignore them due to their label mates.

Charlie Boyer and the Voyeurs are also responsible for bringing retro sounds back into the field, and are bringing proper guitar music back alongside NME favourites Palma Violets, while The Strypes bring back blues-rock and Jacco Gardner brings back 60s psychedelica. This resurgence of music is creating a steady stream of music which appears promising and i personally am looking forward to what may come.

Their Album "Clarietta" is out at the end of this month, and it looks promising, check out your local store and buy it. I hope you won't regret it.

Monday, 6 May 2013

In Love : with Peace

Out of every ongoing band which is currently creating the sounds for our ears best known as Psychedelic music, Peace are one of the few acts which openly admits its Psychedelic influences and sounds.

With the ongoing creation of so many new, fantastic psych bands (see Tame Impala, Temples, Jacco Gardener, Etc), why should you listen Peace. Well although its impossible to sway your opinion with other peoples opinion it is a well known and established fact that Peace are one of those bands that have nothing dislikable about them, the band members appear happy albeit somewhat crazy and loveable. 

Perhaps one of the greatest things about this band is there album name, which i loved, "In Love",  now the album title is not a cheesy Rom-Com about a boy in love, it's actually a play on the old much loved hippy slogan "peace and love", now squint your eyes and imagine a donkey. Now forget the donkey as its not that important. 'Peace n' Love' is how it should be pronounced, so may that relieve all of you of  the thought that i love rom-cons.

Now, i'm gonna rap this up as Love Actuall..... I mean Rocky is on TV.