Sunday, 28 April 2013

Part 1: Greatest Albums ever Reviews: What's Going On

This is a new segment of my blog which i am going to dedicate to Old (but not forgotten) artists.
The first Albums I will Do this for is Marvin Gaye's "What's Going On" , this is not my favourite album and would not even be in my top 50, but due to it being a critics favourite it gets to go first.

1. What's Going On
2. What's Happening Brother 
3. Flyin' High (In The Friendly Sky)
4. Save The Children
5. God Is Love
6. Mercy Mercy Me
7. Right On
8. Whole Holy
9. Inner City Blues (Make Me Wanna Holler)

This album was an album full of firsts, the first album that Marvin produced, his first solo effort without Tammi Terell and the first Motown record that was politically motivated.
It was also Marvin And Soul Music's first Concept Album as well as Motown's first album which credited Session Musicians. So even if this album was bad, it would be in the history books anyway. BUT it wasn't bad. No. Not at all.

The Album addresses the ongoing Vietnam War, Poverty, Police Brutality, Environmental devastation, Drug abuse, Taxes and everyday social life. All of this makes the album still relevant to people in everyday life.

Marvin get's across his issues with all these problems with his touchingly brilliant lyrics and vocals, not to mention much of the subtle musical accompaniment.

My Personal Rating For This Album: 4/5
Allmusic's Rating : 5/5
Rolling Stone magazine's rating: 5/5

Saturday, 27 April 2013

The Top 5 Canadian Artists

Canada; The USA's better behaved brother.
This younger  sibling's contribution to the music world is often overlooked or confused for American musical accomplishments.

So here i am trying to make people stop and think that "hey, Canada ain't half bad" or maybe just make people know Neil Young Is Canadian not American.

The Band -  1964-1977 1983-1999 

Perhaps the best backing band ever when they backed Bob Dylan, although their backing of Bob Dylan is truly one of their smallest accomplishments as they are known to have inspired every artist going at the end of the 60s. 

BEST 3 Albums

Music From Big Pink  (1968)
The Band (1969) 
Stage Fright (1970) 

Joni Mitchell 1967-Present 

Now this girl is my favourite Female Artist ever. So why is she only 4th on this list ? well firstly this list is sorted into numbers, and secondly because despite her brilliance she does not match up to some of the others on this list. 

BEST 3 Albums

Blue (1971) 
Court And Spark (1974) 
Hejira (1976) 

Leonard Cohen 1956-Present 

I could write a hundred words on Leonard but the critic Bruce Eder puts it best "[Cohen is] one of the most fascinating and enigmatic .... singer/songwriters of the late '60s ... [and] has retained an audience across four decades of music making ... Second only to Bob Dylan (and perhaps Paul Simon) [in terms of influence], he commands the attention of critics and younger musicians more firmly than any other musical figure from the 1960s who is still working at the outset of the 21st century"

BEST 3 Albums 

Songs Of Leonard Cohen (1967) 
Songs Of Love And Hate (1971) 
Songs From A Room (1969) 

Rush 1968-Present 

What would you get if you mixed one of the greates bassists with one of the greatest drummers and one of the best Guitarist? no this isn't some shitty joke... this is the origins of the band RUSH

BEST 3 Albums 

Moving Pictures (1981) 
Permanent Waves (1980)
Hemispheres (1978) 

Neil Young 1960-Present

YES HES CANADIAN!!!!! and not just that he's my favourite Canadian. 
He's been in two of my favourite bands and he has had one of the best solo careers and for this Neil, I salute you. 

BEST 10 Albums

After The Gold Rush (1970) 
Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere (1969)
On The Beach (1974) 
Tonights The Night (1975 )
Harvest (1972)
Zuma (1975)
Raged Glory (1990) 
Harvest Moon (1992) 
Comes A Time (1978)
Freedom (1989)

Friday, 26 April 2013

The Strypes.... again....

Hurray it's that time of the month, you know the time, the time i begin to start raving on about how much i love the strypes!!!!! WHAT?!!? you don't know who they are?..... Go google them now, or look at my post on them.... or suffer the consequences....
But seriously i love the stripes, not in a weird Jimmy Saville way... they're the same age as me anyway but.... I'm also straight so it'd be very weird... However i'm not here to write about my sexual orientation, i'm here to talk about the most amazing Irish Boys ever. Yes better than Boyzone, yes better than Westlife... better than rory Gallagher, Gary Moore and Thin Lizzy... maybe not yet.
Now words can't describe how amazing they are, so maybe their songs will.
Blue Collar Jane

Rollin' & Tumblin'

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Top 10 Songs to Celebrate Man U's Championship

Now i realise i haven't posted too regularly, i've been revising.... what i have! 
None the less i manage to take time off this revising to discover than Man U won the premier League so i figured "10 Songs about post here we come" because lets face it, it's a pretty easy thing to do.

1. We Are The Champions - Queen

2. Kiss Them Goodbye - Steam 

3. Thunderstruck - AC/DC

4. Right Here, Right Now - Fatboy Slim

5. Final Countdown - Europe

6.  Gold On The Ceiling - The Black Keys

7.  Don't You Forget About Me - Simple Minds

8. Another One Bites The Dust - Queen

9. Rock And Roll Part 2 - Gary Glitter

10. Born To Run - Bruce Springsteen

Thursday, 18 April 2013

The Top 7 Festivals of 2013

Festival Season is just around the corner. Everyone has got their tickets... i haven't yet but i've got several ones i'm looking at. So heres my opinion of the top 10 festivals of 2013

1. Glastobury Festival  - UK -  26th -30th June

Bruce Springsteen Performing there in 2009

What else could it be? honestly every year it will top each list, and each year the line up improves. This year you could be in with a chance to see Rolling Stones, Arctic Monkeys, Mumford & Sons, Elvis Costello, Dizzee Rascal, Primal Scream and many many more.

2. Reading & Leeds Festival - UK  -  21st - 25th August

A Best of Video about the festival.

The reading and leeds festival is also known for constantly churning out incredible line ups and this year it isn't different with a ticket to this you could see;  Green Day, Fall Out Boy, Biffy Clyro, Eminem, Nine Inch Nails and many more.

3. Rock Werchter - Belgium  -  4th - 7th July 

Tame Impala performing (not at Rock Werchter)

Now i was unaware of this festival until today when me and a few friends decided that we wanted to go. We couldn't though because i'm going to see the rolling stones at hyde park on the 6th of July.  However if i had been able to go i would of seen. Green Day, Blur, Sigur Ros, Rammenstein, Tame Impala and another load of gifted musicians

4.  Rock Am Ring/ Rock In Park- Germany - 7th - 9th June

Tenacious D live in 2011.
Now this is a good line up, however unless you've already got tickets you're out of luck... I tried myself and failed to get the tickets, alas i can no longer see... Paramore, Green Day, Thirty Seconds to Mars and loads of other bands.

5. Open'Er Festival  - Poland  - 3rd - 6th July

Bat For Lashes performing there last year.

This festival usually offers a wide range of music so no one should feel left out. Among the many choices are Arctic Monkeys, Blur, Kings Of Leon, Queens Of The Stone Age.

6. Isle Of Wight Festival - UK - 13th June - 16th June

Pearl Jam performing here in 2012

We've all heard of this festival, right? Jimi Hendrix, The Who, the best festival ever excluding Woodstock in 1970. Well this year isn't as good, but it does have; the stone roses, the killers and Bon Jovi.

7. Austin City Limits - USA-  4th - 6th October & 11th - 13th October

RadioHead Performing here.
Now i'd never heard of this one until i thought "what will my american readers think" so i quickly added on an american one after seeing the line up which is: Red Hot Chili Peppers, Neil Young, Black Keys, Etc. AND JACK WHITE!!!

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

The Real Chronicles Of Marnia

The Chronicles of Marnia a tale of woe, loss and defeat but with no lions, witches or wardrobes. Whys that? Maybe because you can't fit it on a disc. Yep The Chronicles of Marnia is actually not some shoddy fan fiction re-working of C.S.Lewis's prized work, they are actually a rather awesomely named album by the guitar virtuoso Marnie Stern who apparently you can joke with about her parent's unusual name choices.

The album itself is rather well crafted and among the better albums of this  year so far, but i know what you're all thinking "That's because you were laughing at the title all the way through the album". Im not going to say i wasn't laughing all the way through about the title but i will say that i did listen to it, and what i heard i liked. Marnie is one of those guitarists who is unique she is incredible with the guitar and her voice flows so easily alongside her guitars cries. 

C.S Lewis you just got out done.

Monday, 15 April 2013

"Live A Little" and try listening to Florrie


That was my reaction when i saw her Facebook profile announcing a new song, after waiting through timeless centuries (or maybe a year, time goes fast when you having fun after all) for her first track since her "Late" EP released back in May of last year. Now if you're thinking who is she?????? you may remember her as the beauty from the Nina Ricci advert and the face of that perfume which as a manly man i never used *Cough* *Cough*.  In fact apparently she was in other adverts for them... i don't recall seeing them, but since when has any one heard a multi-national company lie before (Looking at you coca cola).
Now off the bat im going to admit if you like my posts on the blues or rock im not sure if you'll enjoy this. It's Synth-Poppy with a tad of 60s added in creating what im going to call "Decent Pop" a rare thing i know. 

However back to her song, "live a little" is a song that in my opinion fails to live up to Florrie's reputation thus far, although i do like the song, i simply can't say its my favourite song of hers (That award going to "I took a little something"). The song however has grown on me, and i now can happily announce that it is my favourite song released on the 4th of April 2013, although i'm still not aware of any other song released on that day. Florrie is however a bit of a guilty pleasure for me, i mean she plays pop, and this is more girl-catered for music. However i've never been one to hide my feelings about music, so hear i am talking about her (Ellie Goulding is my other guilty pleasure). 

I've also repeatedly heard people say "Florrie should just stay a model", "Florrie's a better model than a singer" and every time i hear someone say that i have to extend my fist (Natural reflex i guess). The thing is she started as a musician and although yes she is beautiful and could make a incredible career out of modelling that clearly isn't where her passion lies, and if you ask me thats kind of endearing, don't you think?  

The song may not be her best, but it's a damn sight better than half the stuff released this year. 
The Video is mesmerising, Florrie appears a million different times and that sounds like the perfect formula for a good music video.

Oh and you don't need Sony XBA-C10 In-ear headphones to enjoy this. ;)

Oli Brown & His Magical Blues Tunes.

Oli Brown. To many of you that name may not mean anything to you, to some of you however it may strike you that i'm writing about the modern bluesmen Oli Brown born 1989. 

Oli first picked up the guitar at the age of 12 in 2002, clearly talented at it by the age of 15 he was invited to America as the guest of American Blues band Blinddog Smokin'. This first trip saw Oli share the stage with both Taj Mahal and Buddy Guy.

His debut album "Open Road" was released in 2008 to great reviews as well as being rated 2nd Best album of the year by Blues Matters! magazine. After this, his band 'The Oli Brown Band was the ONLY!!!! UK act to be selected for the 2008 International Blues Convention in Memphis. In 2010 Oli Began work on his second album alongside legendary producer, Mike Vernon (Fleetwood Mac, Eric Clapton, John Mayall, David Bowie, etc), Mike came out of retirement JUST to produce this album. If that however isnt enough to make you listen to "Heads I Win Tails You Lose" (releasedd 2010) I dont know what will make you. 

In 2011 however he was busy touring this album so he didm;t get much studio album but this did not stop him performing alongside John Mayall for 25 gigs. 
Just last year he released his third album to much critical acclaim with "Here I Am" gaining favourable rating all-round, Oli is currently touring this album.  
Still not sure whether to spend those well earned shillings on Oli? Well why not have a look at his awards.
2012 British Blues Awards
Best Young Artist
2011 British Blues Awards
Best Band and Best Album (Heads I Win Tails You Lose)
2010 British Blues Awards
Best Young Artist and Best Male Vocalist 
Awards taken from Oli Browns Own Website :
Still not sure if he's worth it?
If you're still not convinced maybe you should trust these guys.
"A real talent and should have a great career" - Joe Bonamassa
"You've got it man, you've got it going" - Robben Ford
"I am a big fan of this boy" - Walter Trout

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Joanne Shaw Taylor - A Legend in the making?

Joanne Shaw Taylor born 1986 is one of many aspiring young musicians active on the blues scene over here in Britain. However she is not just "one" of the musicians she is "The" musician of the moment in the blues scene.
Born and raised in Birmingham, UK she heard the music of Blues Legends like Stevie Ray Vaughan, Albert Collins and Jimi Hendrix and immediately became hooked on the blues.
Her professional life inside the blues world started however when she turned 16 when Dave Stewart (Best known for his work with Eurythmics) invited her to join his supergroup D.U.P.
It wasn't long before her talent and skill caught the eyes and attention of the music industry with  her debut album "White Sugar" released in 2009 gaining attention from the musical world, this album among her other 3, is a true blues piece of magic in our century and for me easily ranks as one of the better blues album of the 00s as well as the best album of 2009. Apparently it wasn't only me who thought this. As she got given the illustrious 'Best British Female Vocalist' from the 2010 blues music awards. Quickly following this we'll deserved hype she released the amazing second album "Diamond In The Dirt" in 2010 which again showed her talent immaculately, with her winning not one, but two awards at everybody's favourite awards ceremony the 2011 Blues Music Awards, winning "Best British Female Vocalist" and "Songwriter of the year" for her song "Same As It Never Was" from her second album.
Still Climbing her way up the showbiz ladder she last year attained public recognition albeit for a very short time when she performed alongside Annie Lenox for the Diamond Jubilee Concert outside Buckingham Palace in celebration of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, and despite a malfunction with her fuzz phase pedal she managed to pull of possibly the biggest event of her career so far in front of 12,000 people excluding the people watching/listening outside of the designated areas. Almost as if a consolation for this unlucky turn of events, Stevie Wonder (Yes the legend himself) praised her guitar work saying that he loved her "Clean, bluesy, understated tone".
2012 was clearly a fruitful year for Joanne as in this monster of a year for her she released the remarkable album "Almost Always Never" which marked a significant moving of Joanne from Blues-based Rock towards a more experimental direction, and although i loved her two previous albums, this album may just (very close) be better than them.
Although this article may of been about her career it is worth noting that she is without a doubt one of the best female guitarist ever... and im not just saying that to suck up to Joanne (although....), im not even alone in this opinion. Ranked as the "8th Best Female Blues Guitarist who will blow you away" on,  1st on "5 Badass Female Blues Guitarists Who Rock Harder Than You" on Mystery Tricycle, and countless others.
Watch this space world.

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Top 10 Songs about children.

As i'm certain you all know a royal baby is on its way, whether you're a member of the commonwealth or not I'm certain the media has force-fed you this information.
Or maybe you're going to have a child yourself, congratulations if that is the case. So what songs will be on this list? Mainly Rock Songs, and some songs you may not believe are about children, they are in fact.

1. Pearl Jam - Daughter

A song about a young girl with learning disabilities, this song attempts to highlight her everyday struggles. 

2. Thin Lizzy - Sarah

This song was about Phil Lynott's hopes and dreams for his new born daughter.

3. John Lennon - Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy)

A song about John comforting his son Sean after he had a nightmare.

4. Elton John - Blessed

This song expresses the hope of Elton's Songwriting partner Bernie Taupin that he will have a child before he gets too old.

5. Bob Dylan - Forever Young

A Song reflecting his sons birth.

6. Stevie Wonder - Isn't She Lovely

A song about his daughter when she was a child.

7. Talking Heads -Stay Up Late

A song about having to stay up all night to look after your baby.

8. David Bowie - Kooks

A song warning David Bowie newborn son that if he stays with him and his then wife he will turn out a bit "kooky".

9. Paul Simon - Father & Daughter

Paul attempting to convey his love to his daughters.

10. Annie Lenox - Precious

A song about Annie's trouble with childbirth writtne after her first baby was born and a few years after she had a stillbirth.

Friday, 12 April 2013

The Saga Of The Singer-Songwriter

When i mention the term singer songwrtier people will mention the great Bob Dylan for sure. But this term has meant something for generations and it is beginign to mean alot more with the new influx of singer-songwriters born in the early 1990s, In this post i am going to try to introduce you to the big game players of this boom.

A Brief History Of The Singer-Songwriter

Before the 1930s the singer-songwriters were a assorted bunch of unknown people who passed on tunes made by their ancestors.
The first Great Singer-Songwriter was Robert Johnson the legendary blues figure who died at the age of 27, and left a legacy that was and is revered by all people who appreciate the blues.
Following Johnson's untimely death the music world became seperated into two sectors the Songwriters and the performers neither willing to bridge the gap. 
But in the 50s during the great blues boom and the start of Rock 'n' Roll songwriting and singing became the norm although most songwriters had a partner to write with. 
Famous examples are Chuck Berry, Little Richard, Buddy Holly, Roy Orbison and Johnny Cash
While this was  happening a young boy who had appreciated the folk legends of Woody Gunthrie and Pete Seeger, Started to song write, nothing special but soon and by 1963 he would already become a legend.  This Young Boy was Bob Dylan, but more on him in a minute. 
While Bob was soaking up the american spirit two liverpudlian boys sat together attempting to mimick Buddy Holly, they failed and by accident invented something quite different these two boys; Paul McCartney and John Lennon would craft the music industry into a songwriting business. 
Once The Beatles took off and became the roaring success that they were alongside the american titan "Bob" the imitators were soon to arrive with The Kinks Byrds, Rolling Stones, Yardbirds and the Who all attempting to cash in on this new songwriting craze as they realised the royalties gained from the songwriting was worth the effort. 
During the 60s this boom held great prestige this same prestige would survive into the 80s when synth pop and manufactured music would begin to tear up its legacy, and despite Britpop's Gallagher Brothers and Albern-Coxen as well as Grunge's Cobain it was succesful in making it not uncommen for the artists songs to be writen by someone else entirely. 
But now maybe just now, it might change 


Ed Sheeran (Born 1991) (Active since 2005) 

We all know Ed right? Taking american by storm, his album '+' becoming a phenomenal success, what not to like. I'm a slight fan of his in my opinion he is nothing special but is he anything bad? no not at all he is a welcome breath of fresh air into the music industry. 
His songs "A Team" and "Lego House" have unfortunately created his fan base into either soppy teenage girls or chavs, so if you are really interested in his work i'd have to recommend his "loose Change" EP which is easily his best work.

Nina Nesbitt (Born 1994) (Active Since 2011) 

Young Miss Nesbitt is a virtual unknown in the mainstream at the moment but she has been creating wonderful music (Championed by iTunes) for a while, my first EP of hers was "the Apple Tree" which i got back last summer, i liked it yet quickly dismissed her as a sheeran wannabe, but upon hearing "Boy" i have become a big fan and am currently awaiting her first album. 
Her latest song "stay out" (EP of the same name) is brilliant as well although she is running a fine line of alienating potential fans with her lyrics, i can't help but like this fine wee scottish lass.

Lucy Rose (Born 1989) (Active since 2009)

Lucy is different from the other to for one main reason she has the support of the independent music industry firmly on her side. Her debut album was amazing it was brilliant and... well brilliant. 
"Like I Used To" firmly shows her of as a talented songwriter and although i lack the knowledge to talk about her in depth i wish i didn't.

Ben Howard (Born 1987) (Active since 2008) 

Ben is the most critically acclaimed out of this lot and i can see why he is talented but i personally don't see him as good as either Lucy or Nina but the fact that his talent is recognised by the brits was a very good thing as it showed that the music industry is not blind to this increase of singer songwriters.

Gabrielle Aplin (Born 1992) (Active since 2008) 

Now she is brilliant. Ive been a fan of hers since October of last year, her song "Panic Cord" is amazing and i was incredibly sad that she was being recognised for her cover of "Power Of Love" when she has done so much else, none the less her debut album is out soon and mark my words she WILL become the biggest thing since Ed Sheeran.

Birdy (Born 1996) (Active since 2008)

Be warned she is young, as old as me in fact but she is talented very,very talented her voice is striking and her self titled debut album of 2011 shows that. she has gained public recognition once already and mark my words by now she will be hungry for fame again soon, and i'm waiting for it.

Jake Bugg (Born 1994) (Active Since 2011)

Jake is the best artist on this list, let me make that clear. He is amazing i've seen him live, he may not interact with the crowd but god damn it he can get it going, he is not the next bob Dylan as people say, he is the first Jake Bugg, his uniqueness in our age is welcome and i hope he never sells out.

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

The Strypes - The Greatest Band full of teens

Now if you have picked up a music magazine over the past few months you may of stumbled across a little band of irish teens.
These boys are talented. Lets make that clear they are talented as hell, think early rolling stones having a baby with early yardbirds and that the strypes. They've released a single recently and are doing rather spiffing all round.

Several of the most noticeable musicians around have even championed them, with Elton John, Dave Grohl and Paul Weller being a few of those people.
Now i don't often brag but i am honest  proud of myself for finding them a while back.
Don't judge them based on appearance cause if you do you will only start thinking they're terrible, they are all 16/15 and they are all more talented than me, you and probably your next door neighbour.

Top 5 Grunge Albums

Grunge; One of the most succesful music genres to spring up over the past 30 years, Headed by the group Nirvana you can guess who will be prominent in this list. But this list will also try to bring attention to some of the other brilliant albums of this genre.

5- MTV Unplugged In New York - Nirvana - Released 1994

 The Final Nirvana Album, the one that proved to anyone that doubted them that they could infact play their instruments. It was made just 5 months before Cobain Died, and it was one of his last public appearances.

4- Daydream Nation - Sonic Youth - Released 1988

3- Superuknown- Soundgarden - Released 1994

2- Ten - Pearl Jam - Released 1992

1- Nevermind - Nirvana - Released 1991 

Top 5 Prog Rock Albums

5- Moving Pictures - Rush - Released 1981

4- Animals - Pink Floyd - Released 1977

3- Close To The Edge - Yes - Released 1972

2- Aqualung - Jethro Tull - Released 1971

1 - The Dark Side To The Moon -Pink Floyd - Released 1973

5 Songs About Capital Punishment

One Of the biggest stories in the news today (excluding the death of thatcher and north korea) is that Amnesty International are saying that the death penalty is beginging to wain in many of the countris which currently use it. We all have our views on whether or not it should remain or not, Personally i believe in the whole eye for a eye proverb. But i'm not going to start lecturing you about politics.
So Instead here is my personal selection for 5 Songs about Capital Punishment.

1. Johnny Cash- 25 Minutes to go

2. Pearl Jam - Dead Man

3. Fairport Convention - Poor Will & The Jolly Hangman

4. Phil Ochs - Iron Lady

5. Tupac - 16 On Death Row

The 5 Greatest albums of 2013.... So Far

So we  have reached the fourth month of this ungodly music and we have had hundreds of new albums chucked in our face, some mediocre, many sub-lime, but a few are true gems, and right now i think i'll tell you about my gem collection of 2013.

5. Bad Blood - Bastille 

This album was to be honest a bit of a letdown for me, I've been waiting for it since october of last year and it truly doesn't hold up against their early EPs but now that everyone is talking about "how great Bastille are' I'm hoping maybe it'll point some people towards our thriving indie scene. 

The stand out tracks of this album are PompeiiBad Blood(On a EP released last november as well), FlawsOverjoyed and Things We Lost In Fire.

The Biggest problem with this album is that their trying to appease everyone the songs are a hotpot of genres and.... well really they should of been spending their time perfecting one genre rather than 50.

4. The Messenger- Johnny Marr

Now Bias may have forced me to choose him, i've been a smiths fan for a while. But it is a brilliant album, his debut since the smiths and well his guitar playing has never let me down whether he's in "the cribs" or "Modest Mouse" he's always been amazing.

This album however could easily of fallen off this list if it wasn't for one crucial thing. 


That song is... amazing, in almost every way. If i do a top songs of 2013 list you will see that song near the top.

3. The Next Day -  David Bowie

The headline that greeted anyone on my parents anniversary said.
And i for one was pleased i skipped around the room. This is BOWIE we're talking about, the greatest glam rock star and possibly the greatest rocker of his age. 

But the album i can't just praise it about its creator (although i really could), the album has the greatest starter track of this year The Next Day and... it and everything in the album is salivatingly good. In my opinion it is his best album since the 80s and easily matches any 90s or 00s album of his with ease. The Great Chameleon is back.

2. Comedown Machine - The Strokes 

The Strokes are brilliant. Ive been a fan of theirs since their music was used on FIFA (which is FOOTBALL not SOCCER!!!!). and they have been consistently brilliant although with a few minor blips   (see their 2003 and 2009 albums). But this album is a return to form.

I can honestly not name a track i dislike on this album... which is a shame cause it means i can't slag it off at all. :(.  But All The Time isn't half bad.

1. Black And Blue - Gary Clark Jr 

Gary is the future of the Guitar mark my words. This album is his first step towards becoming the next great blues guitarist after Joe Bonamassa. It is without a shadow of a doubt the best album released YET this year. And i'm looking forward to his next album and the album after that. and while we're at it get his first EP too thats brilliant as well.


Thats what music is meant to sound like.

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

10 Songs to kick off your Doomsday - OPPUM KIM JONG UN STYLE?

So as i've heard (i say heard i mean its literally being force fed you) North korea are delightful future overlords will be firing one of their "supreme leaders" rockets towards us.
So i figure we need some lovely songs to celebrate our death day. I'm a bit late for the mayan apocalypse party by now :(

1. The Doors - The End

2. R.E.M - It's The End Of The World

3. Blue Oyster Cult - (Don't Fear) The Reaper

4. U2- Until The End Of The World

5. Pink Floyd -Run Like Hell

6. Bad Moon Rising - Creedence Clearwater Revival

7. Undertow - Genesis 

8. Jimi Hendrix - All Along the Watchtower

9. Prince - 1999

10. Jeff Buckley - The Last Goodbye

Top 5 Punk Albums 

5 - The Scream - Siouxsie And The Banshees - Released 1978

4- New York Dolls - New York Dolls - Released 1973

3- Never Mind The Bollocks -Heres the Sex Pistols - Sex Pistols - Released 1976

2- The Ramones - The Ramones - Released 1976

1- London Calling - The Clash - Released 1979

Top 10 Anti-Thatcher Songs

Now as you will know Margaret Thatcher died. Thats right the iron Lady is dead. One of only 3 people who truly brought down Communism is dead. And i for one can't actually say i'll be mourning her. I Hated her in life and i'll hate her in death, but does hating her mean i'll insult her memory aloud? No, No it won't. So in a special memorial to her here are 10 songs which should help get those anti-thatcher parties raving.


2. Morrissey- Margaret On The Guillotine

3. Elvis Costello - Tramp The Dirt Down

4. Hefner - The Day That Thatcher Dies

5. The Larks- Maggie Maggie Maggie (Out Out Out)

6. V.I.M- Maggie's Last Party

7. Billy Bragg- Thatcherites

8. Crass - How Does It Feel

9. Pink Floyd - Fletcher Memorial Home

10. The Notsensibles- I'm In Love With Margaret Thatcher

FUCK YOU THATCHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Top 5 Beatles Albums

This type of list has been done a million times, and there's a reason why. You can't label the Beatles (as a whole) as any Genre, hence why i'm showing you the best of the best. Although I can't help but stress the fact that i Love the Beatles and may be (ever so slightly) bias towards them.

5- Abbey Road - Released 1969

Ah, yes the most iconic album cover of all time. The "greatest" Beatles album.  So why is at number 5? Well, why don't you the educated reader of this post look at is track listing. If you're a casual Beatles fan you may recognise songs like "Something", "Octopus's Garden", "Here Comes The Sun or "Come Together" but how many of the other songs can you identify with based just on the title? not many i'll bet. I can just about remember half the songs by reading their title the other half... well don't ask me!

4- Rubber Soul - Released 1965

Now this is a album. This is THE album which started the Beatles Legacy, each song on there was carefully created and each song should be recognisable to most Beatles fan. This album set the pace for the Beatles and completely opened the rock world up to everything that is brilliant about rock. Either the album cover tells you everything is going to be different from now on, from the acidic way the Beatles are looking down at you to their pun of "rubber Soul" the music world had never seen anything like this again, and it would never be the same. Which in my opinion isn't a bad thing 

3- The Beatles (The White Album) - Released 1968

I can hear you people screaming now "WHAT THE WHITE ALBUM OVER ABBEY ROAD", yeah thats right i've dared to say that the white album is one of the Beatles true gems you have everything on it. Guitar anthems "While My Guitar Gently Weeps", Soft ballads "Blackbird", pop "Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da", Rocking tunes "Back In The USSR", Early hard rock "Helter Skelter" and avant Garde "Revolution 9", there's something for anyone.

2- Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band - Released 1967

Doth One Need to explain the one of the greatest albums ever heard? If thou answers "yes" i will direct the reader to dunk their head inside their toilette bowl, Whereas if you have replied in the negative you may proceed.

1- Revolver - Released 1966

The cover, the songs, the psychedelic undertone. This is the perfect album my personal 3rd Favourtie Album. Beaten by (if you're wondering) "All things Must Pass" by the Beatles' own George and "Forever Changes" by Love.