Sunday, 30 June 2013

They rolled stones in Glasto

Last night one of the greatest band ever went to one of the greatest festivals ever with them they brought a anticipation to match no other at the festival as well as a seasoned set list of hits to rival none.

Despite living roughly 8 miles from  Glastonbury itself i failed to get tickets so i had to cope with (as many of you did) watching them on the TV, so the first moment i got to see them they were mid-way through playing "miss You" and i'll admit to being disappointed in Mick and the boys as they were seemingly not getting the crowd up and dancing how wrong i was.

Following this Midnight Rambler gained a almost euphoric feel from the crowd and i was busy contemplate whether the Stones are the best band i've seen on the TV. Mick then launched into the much-unspoken about bardic tale of "2000 years" from their 1967 album Satanic Majesties Request, claiming that "We're not going to do the whole of Satanic Majesties" and making myself and every viewer wish they did all of it. As the stage filled with light and a psychedelic atmosphere i felt like i was witnessing them first hand, before they shot into their bad-luck song "Sympathy for the Devil" which saw Jagger draped in a cape made of Faux Crows and a giant metallic bird look upon the crowd and breath smoke upon them (No I'm not on drugs... look it up). 
Start me up, Tumbling Dice and Brown Sugar all followed with the crowd never losing its fever over the Stones, and by the point that they strolled out for their encore you could feel the anticipation pulsing from the crowd. 

The wait, the confirmation of the encore, a perfect rendition of "you can't always get what you want" and a beautiful "Satisfaction" finished off the night alongside a unified bow from all of the surviving Stones (Excluding Bill Wyman).

A Perfect End to a Perfect Show.

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Up in Bristol Irish Boys Run Wild

Three Yesterdays ago i headed up to the big ol' city of Bristol, why? Well although i find Boring as Fuck boats interesting, i actually went up to see the Strypes. You know the Strypes, the band i go on about for ages like here and here as well.

So anyway The Strypes are my second favourite band of these dark damp modern times. So i went up there to see them, I got served (which is always good for a 16 year old male) and i also got right to the front.

For the life of me i can't remember what they played though.... "Can't Judge a book", "hometown girls", "Blue collar jane" i remember them.... i don't remember much else, i wasn't even really drunk...

However i met them before the gig, they're very irish but nice enough, i spoke to them about the Who and apparently they share the same manager, i also stole one of their picks after they left the stage, i was going to take the setlist too,  but the guy next to me got hit for trying to, and i like my beautiful rugged face so i didn't want to risk it.

So overall a A-Class night out and a fucking brilliant band, my 2nd favourite Gig ever, only after the FUCKING WHO, then again all of the Strypes age added up together is probably still younger than Roger Daltrey's age so maybe they'll become better.

Friday, 21 June 2013


So myself being the untimely retro git that i am, bought tickets for what i anticipated as a show with two nearly dead men and two corpse's music being played. Thats right i went to see the Who at the O2 on the 15th of June.

So i'll give you a slight overview of what i saw, what went on, and how my rather depressing expectation was proven to be full of shit.

I arrived fairly early lingered around the O2 arena and was generally getting hyped for the Who for nearly 2 hours before the barriers opened. I was amongst the first handful of people into the stadium (proudly sneaking in a camera against the O2's rules).

The opening act a soulful retro R&B act called Vintage Trouble (more on them in a later post) impressed me enough that i was on the edge of my seat from Block C (the furthest you could get while being on the ground bit, which wasn't actually that far away). As the venue slowly filled, Roger Daltrey came on the stage looking like a old granny, With Pete Townshend strolling on with a hat on him which reminded me of a ageing Chicago gangster.

Going straight off with 'The Real me' and ending with 'Love 'Reign Over Me' I began to realise that the term "Rock Opera" actually meant something and wasn't just fancy words thrown together, i realised it was a opera made of Rock, and that Pete Townshend was a genius, a true genius of our times.

During the performance you got the feeling that although they obviously yearned for the past (Keith Moon in Bell Boy, and John Entwistle in 5:15) they were contented as Roger said at the end "there's still life in the old fuckers".

Their Encore which wasn't really a encore was packed with greatest hits which made everyone in the audience young and old (the average age was probably 40 something) explode, although the highlight was without a doubt Roger's scream in 'Won't get fooled again'.

Rock may be weaker than it has been for years but fuck it as Roger said in Glasgow "who do you think we are? Justin Fuckin Bieber?"

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

The Modfather Part II: Kane

Miles Kane was (many years ago) a simple poor kid, he used to sit around listening to his parents records of the Beatles or the Who or the Jam, while all his contemporaries sat around listening to the latest boy bands and pop sh*t. Much like me actually.

However Miles unlike myself took action and started carving out a career, first in small bands at the age of 16 and gradually into minor known bands like 'the little rascals'. Despite this his name and hence his true brand of music would go unnoticed until 2008. When he and Arctic Monkeys Frontman 'Alex Turner' released a album together called 'Last of the Shadow Puppets', this album became critically acclaimed and gave off the feeling of he first fresh mod feel since Paul Weller had stopped releasing good albums.

In 2011 he finally released his critically acclaimed debut album called 'Colour Of The Trap' which gained popularity due to its anthem-like 'Come Closer' and presenting a even more modern mod image then 'Last Of The Shadow Puppets' had.

Now with his success and rising popularity he has a new album to release a equally good second album, He did this Yesterday (June 3rd) and having listened to it, i can confirm that Miles is still the next modfather.

My Favourite Albums 80-89

89.  Trout Mask Replica - Captain Beefheart

Psychedelic/Avant Garde
Released: 1969

88.  Cloud Nine - George Harrison

Released: 1987

87.  Ten- Pearl Jam

Released: 1991

86.  Marquee Moon -Television

Post Punk
Released: 1977

85.  Heroes - David Bowie

Art Rock
Released: 1977

84.  Moby Grape - Moby Grape

Psychedelic Rock
Released: 1967

83.  Magical Mystery Tour - The Beatles

Psychedelic Rock
Released: 1967

82.  Born Under A Bad Sign - Albert King

Blues Rock
Released: 1967

81.  Plastic Ono Band - John Lennon

Released: 1970

80.  Sticky Fingers - Rolling Stones

Blues Rock
Released: 1971