Sunday, 5 May 2013

Jacco Gardner .Is That The 60s I Hear?

A Dutch child bravely forces open the chest to unveil a kind of treasure never expected by him nor anyone, this child has just discovered what we in the mortal world describe as.... Psychedelic Music.

Now that somewhat long introduction truly serves no purpose except to tell the reader that this post is about a young dutch boy who creates psychedelic music, i thought i was a ok intro actually...

Jacco Gardener was the boys name and people frequently refer to him as the next Syd Barrett which as a massive Syd fan i disagree with but this does not mean that i don't love his music. He is however comparable to the musical unknown Curt Boettcher, one of psychedelica's greatest servicemen.

The honest sad truth is that Jacco won't make it into the mainstream attention unless he sells out, he may be brilliant but no one yearns for brilliance anymore they yearn for a young attractive person with no mind of their own, unfortunately Jacco fits none of this billing.

You're also unlikely to find a more authentic 60s sound in this sad world of ours. The Strypes may embody early 60s music, but Jacco embodies late 60s.