Wednesday, 8 May 2013

The sky (ferreira) is the limit.

Sky Ferreira is very possibly the next pop princess... in a good way, no not like Selena Gomez, not  like Kylie either... or Madonna... ok she's a first, but she's actually pretty good, i mean in the same way that i love Florrie's music, i love Sky's.

Her genre is unique, her music style is unique and lets face it she has the face that would make people buy her music if the sounds were that of muffled farts. BUT they're not.

As brilliant as this all sounds, i can guarantee you that if you are a solid blues fan , a standard indie fan or someone who sticks strongly to classic rock reader you won't like her, she plays a mix between synth-pop, alternative pop and dance pop, not the cup of tea for our everyday rocker.

Her debut album is called "I'm Not Alright" which yes i agree i'm not a fan of, although i prefer abstract title names myself or ones that are puns. This one however.... leaves me with a aftertaste in my mouth which doesn't have the heart to go away.  This Debut album is out sometime in august and although i'd recomend it to anyone, i can imagine it not being most peoples cup of tea, however this is just the way i love my Earl Grey.