Monday, 26 December 2016

Coloring Book - Chance The Rapper

Colouring Book is the album whose acclaim confuses me the most. It isn’t infectious, it isn’t experimental and it doesn’t make me feel enriched by listening to it. So why is it so well regarded?

I’m not Chance The Rapper’s target audience I’m not a Hip-Hop head, I don’t go out of my way to listen to mixtapes and I dislike it when religion flavours conversations to much, and Colouring Book is the most religious album I’ve heard in 2016.

He’s a good rapper though and his style is likeable and I found a lot of his lyrical subject matter to be easily relatable but the thing is to often does the songwriting let down Chance’s rapping talents and too often do his good lyrics get overshadowed by larger more annoying lyrics.

This is Chance's third mix tape.

Maybe I’m just a cynic though, well that’s what several teachers have told me over my time in education at least. I disliked the happiness of the album, I thought it was too positive a album and I prefer a good mopey album, so maybe that’s my fault, but maybe it’s not.

The album has some good songs though All We Got, Same Drugs, Mixtape and All Night are all great songs which can’t be ignored, they are full of lyrical and musical highs.

However there are more songs that annoyed me on this album than most EPs have songs. The list would be too long so I’ll spare your eyes.

Chance The Rapper on Good Morning America.

At the end of the day though it’s not really a terrible album but it also isn’t a good one. It’s not a album I’ll listen to again, but that’s fine cause I’m not his audience, and while the fact that so many love this record does confuse me I’m happy to admit on this occasion, and in surely many future ones, maybe it’s not the album, maybe it’s me with the issue.