Monday, 6 May 2013

In Love : with Peace

Out of every ongoing band which is currently creating the sounds for our ears best known as Psychedelic music, Peace are one of the few acts which openly admits its Psychedelic influences and sounds.

With the ongoing creation of so many new, fantastic psych bands (see Tame Impala, Temples, Jacco Gardener, Etc), why should you listen Peace. Well although its impossible to sway your opinion with other peoples opinion it is a well known and established fact that Peace are one of those bands that have nothing dislikable about them, the band members appear happy albeit somewhat crazy and loveable. 

Perhaps one of the greatest things about this band is there album name, which i loved, "In Love",  now the album title is not a cheesy Rom-Com about a boy in love, it's actually a play on the old much loved hippy slogan "peace and love", now squint your eyes and imagine a donkey. Now forget the donkey as its not that important. 'Peace n' Love' is how it should be pronounced, so may that relieve all of you of  the thought that i love rom-cons.

Now, i'm gonna rap this up as Love Actuall..... I mean Rocky is on TV.