Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Bringing The Past Back with Jagwar Ma

I wasn't given the honour to be alive in 80s Manchester, as were many of you i'm sure. However two people who also failed to experience it, are trying to recreate the sounds, no they aren't the Gallagher brothers, they're not even from Manchester, or Britain. It's Australia's Jagwar Ma whom are trying to recreate the 'Madchester' sound. Following in the resurrection of retro by the likes of Jacco Gardner, The Strypes, Temples, Peace and Charlie Voyeur and the voyeurs.

Jagwar Ma are unique in every sense of the world, they're trying to usher in a second wave of Indie dance, when lets face it the independent market doesn't need it, but perhaps this is what has made them so in demand, the fact that they aren't catering for anyone and are just struggling onwards with passion, 'throwing their hair into the wind' being the expression i'd use. 

Think Stone Roses. 
Think Happy Mondays.
Now stop thinking and dance.