Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Top 5 Grunge Albums

Grunge; One of the most succesful music genres to spring up over the past 30 years, Headed by the group Nirvana you can guess who will be prominent in this list. But this list will also try to bring attention to some of the other brilliant albums of this genre.

5- MTV Unplugged In New York - Nirvana - Released 1994

 The Final Nirvana Album, the one that proved to anyone that doubted them that they could infact play their instruments. It was made just 5 months before Cobain Died, and it was one of his last public appearances.

4- Daydream Nation - Sonic Youth - Released 1988

3- Superuknown- Soundgarden - Released 1994

2- Ten - Pearl Jam - Released 1992

1- Nevermind - Nirvana - Released 1991