Saturday, 13 April 2013

Top 10 Songs about children.

As i'm certain you all know a royal baby is on its way, whether you're a member of the commonwealth or not I'm certain the media has force-fed you this information.
Or maybe you're going to have a child yourself, congratulations if that is the case. So what songs will be on this list? Mainly Rock Songs, and some songs you may not believe are about children, they are in fact.

1. Pearl Jam - Daughter

A song about a young girl with learning disabilities, this song attempts to highlight her everyday struggles. 

2. Thin Lizzy - Sarah

This song was about Phil Lynott's hopes and dreams for his new born daughter.

3. John Lennon - Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy)

A song about John comforting his son Sean after he had a nightmare.

4. Elton John - Blessed

This song expresses the hope of Elton's Songwriting partner Bernie Taupin that he will have a child before he gets too old.

5. Bob Dylan - Forever Young

A Song reflecting his sons birth.

6. Stevie Wonder - Isn't She Lovely

A song about his daughter when she was a child.

7. Talking Heads -Stay Up Late

A song about having to stay up all night to look after your baby.

8. David Bowie - Kooks

A song warning David Bowie newborn son that if he stays with him and his then wife he will turn out a bit "kooky".

9. Paul Simon - Father & Daughter

Paul attempting to convey his love to his daughters.

10. Annie Lenox - Precious

A song about Annie's trouble with childbirth writtne after her first baby was born and a few years after she had a stillbirth.