Wednesday, 10 April 2013

The 5 Greatest albums of 2013.... So Far

So we  have reached the fourth month of this ungodly music and we have had hundreds of new albums chucked in our face, some mediocre, many sub-lime, but a few are true gems, and right now i think i'll tell you about my gem collection of 2013.

5. Bad Blood - Bastille 

This album was to be honest a bit of a letdown for me, I've been waiting for it since october of last year and it truly doesn't hold up against their early EPs but now that everyone is talking about "how great Bastille are' I'm hoping maybe it'll point some people towards our thriving indie scene. 

The stand out tracks of this album are PompeiiBad Blood(On a EP released last november as well), FlawsOverjoyed and Things We Lost In Fire.

The Biggest problem with this album is that their trying to appease everyone the songs are a hotpot of genres and.... well really they should of been spending their time perfecting one genre rather than 50.

4. The Messenger- Johnny Marr

Now Bias may have forced me to choose him, i've been a smiths fan for a while. But it is a brilliant album, his debut since the smiths and well his guitar playing has never let me down whether he's in "the cribs" or "Modest Mouse" he's always been amazing.

This album however could easily of fallen off this list if it wasn't for one crucial thing. 


That song is... amazing, in almost every way. If i do a top songs of 2013 list you will see that song near the top.

3. The Next Day -  David Bowie

The headline that greeted anyone on my parents anniversary said.
And i for one was pleased i skipped around the room. This is BOWIE we're talking about, the greatest glam rock star and possibly the greatest rocker of his age. 

But the album i can't just praise it about its creator (although i really could), the album has the greatest starter track of this year The Next Day and... it and everything in the album is salivatingly good. In my opinion it is his best album since the 80s and easily matches any 90s or 00s album of his with ease. The Great Chameleon is back.

2. Comedown Machine - The Strokes 

The Strokes are brilliant. Ive been a fan of theirs since their music was used on FIFA (which is FOOTBALL not SOCCER!!!!). and they have been consistently brilliant although with a few minor blips   (see their 2003 and 2009 albums). But this album is a return to form.

I can honestly not name a track i dislike on this album... which is a shame cause it means i can't slag it off at all. :(.  But All The Time isn't half bad.

1. Black And Blue - Gary Clark Jr 

Gary is the future of the Guitar mark my words. This album is his first step towards becoming the next great blues guitarist after Joe Bonamassa. It is without a shadow of a doubt the best album released YET this year. And i'm looking forward to his next album and the album after that. and while we're at it get his first EP too thats brilliant as well.


Thats what music is meant to sound like.