Monday, 15 April 2013

"Live A Little" and try listening to Florrie


That was my reaction when i saw her Facebook profile announcing a new song, after waiting through timeless centuries (or maybe a year, time goes fast when you having fun after all) for her first track since her "Late" EP released back in May of last year. Now if you're thinking who is she?????? you may remember her as the beauty from the Nina Ricci advert and the face of that perfume which as a manly man i never used *Cough* *Cough*.  In fact apparently she was in other adverts for them... i don't recall seeing them, but since when has any one heard a multi-national company lie before (Looking at you coca cola).
Now off the bat im going to admit if you like my posts on the blues or rock im not sure if you'll enjoy this. It's Synth-Poppy with a tad of 60s added in creating what im going to call "Decent Pop" a rare thing i know. 

However back to her song, "live a little" is a song that in my opinion fails to live up to Florrie's reputation thus far, although i do like the song, i simply can't say its my favourite song of hers (That award going to "I took a little something"). The song however has grown on me, and i now can happily announce that it is my favourite song released on the 4th of April 2013, although i'm still not aware of any other song released on that day. Florrie is however a bit of a guilty pleasure for me, i mean she plays pop, and this is more girl-catered for music. However i've never been one to hide my feelings about music, so hear i am talking about her (Ellie Goulding is my other guilty pleasure). 

I've also repeatedly heard people say "Florrie should just stay a model", "Florrie's a better model than a singer" and every time i hear someone say that i have to extend my fist (Natural reflex i guess). The thing is she started as a musician and although yes she is beautiful and could make a incredible career out of modelling that clearly isn't where her passion lies, and if you ask me thats kind of endearing, don't you think?  

The song may not be her best, but it's a damn sight better than half the stuff released this year. 
The Video is mesmerising, Florrie appears a million different times and that sounds like the perfect formula for a good music video.

Oh and you don't need Sony XBA-C10 In-ear headphones to enjoy this. ;)