Tuesday, 16 April 2013

The Real Chronicles Of Marnia

The Chronicles of Marnia a tale of woe, loss and defeat but with no lions, witches or wardrobes. Whys that? Maybe because you can't fit it on a disc. Yep The Chronicles of Marnia is actually not some shoddy fan fiction re-working of C.S.Lewis's prized work, they are actually a rather awesomely named album by the guitar virtuoso Marnie Stern who apparently you can joke with about her parent's unusual name choices.

The album itself is rather well crafted and among the better albums of this  year so far, but i know what you're all thinking "That's because you were laughing at the title all the way through the album". Im not going to say i wasn't laughing all the way through about the title but i will say that i did listen to it, and what i heard i liked. Marnie is one of those guitarists who is unique she is incredible with the guitar and her voice flows so easily alongside her guitars cries. 

C.S Lewis you just got out done.