Friday, 12 April 2013

The Saga Of The Singer-Songwriter

When i mention the term singer songwrtier people will mention the great Bob Dylan for sure. But this term has meant something for generations and it is beginign to mean alot more with the new influx of singer-songwriters born in the early 1990s, In this post i am going to try to introduce you to the big game players of this boom.

A Brief History Of The Singer-Songwriter

Before the 1930s the singer-songwriters were a assorted bunch of unknown people who passed on tunes made by their ancestors.
The first Great Singer-Songwriter was Robert Johnson the legendary blues figure who died at the age of 27, and left a legacy that was and is revered by all people who appreciate the blues.
Following Johnson's untimely death the music world became seperated into two sectors the Songwriters and the performers neither willing to bridge the gap. 
But in the 50s during the great blues boom and the start of Rock 'n' Roll songwriting and singing became the norm although most songwriters had a partner to write with. 
Famous examples are Chuck Berry, Little Richard, Buddy Holly, Roy Orbison and Johnny Cash
While this was  happening a young boy who had appreciated the folk legends of Woody Gunthrie and Pete Seeger, Started to song write, nothing special but soon and by 1963 he would already become a legend.  This Young Boy was Bob Dylan, but more on him in a minute. 
While Bob was soaking up the american spirit two liverpudlian boys sat together attempting to mimick Buddy Holly, they failed and by accident invented something quite different these two boys; Paul McCartney and John Lennon would craft the music industry into a songwriting business. 
Once The Beatles took off and became the roaring success that they were alongside the american titan "Bob" the imitators were soon to arrive with The Kinks Byrds, Rolling Stones, Yardbirds and the Who all attempting to cash in on this new songwriting craze as they realised the royalties gained from the songwriting was worth the effort. 
During the 60s this boom held great prestige this same prestige would survive into the 80s when synth pop and manufactured music would begin to tear up its legacy, and despite Britpop's Gallagher Brothers and Albern-Coxen as well as Grunge's Cobain it was succesful in making it not uncommen for the artists songs to be writen by someone else entirely. 
But now maybe just now, it might change 


Ed Sheeran (Born 1991) (Active since 2005) 

We all know Ed right? Taking american by storm, his album '+' becoming a phenomenal success, what not to like. I'm a slight fan of his in my opinion he is nothing special but is he anything bad? no not at all he is a welcome breath of fresh air into the music industry. 
His songs "A Team" and "Lego House" have unfortunately created his fan base into either soppy teenage girls or chavs, so if you are really interested in his work i'd have to recommend his "loose Change" EP which is easily his best work.

Nina Nesbitt (Born 1994) (Active Since 2011) 

Young Miss Nesbitt is a virtual unknown in the mainstream at the moment but she has been creating wonderful music (Championed by iTunes) for a while, my first EP of hers was "the Apple Tree" which i got back last summer, i liked it yet quickly dismissed her as a sheeran wannabe, but upon hearing "Boy" i have become a big fan and am currently awaiting her first album. 
Her latest song "stay out" (EP of the same name) is brilliant as well although she is running a fine line of alienating potential fans with her lyrics, i can't help but like this fine wee scottish lass.

Lucy Rose (Born 1989) (Active since 2009)

Lucy is different from the other to for one main reason she has the support of the independent music industry firmly on her side. Her debut album was amazing it was brilliant and... well brilliant. 
"Like I Used To" firmly shows her of as a talented songwriter and although i lack the knowledge to talk about her in depth i wish i didn't.

Ben Howard (Born 1987) (Active since 2008) 

Ben is the most critically acclaimed out of this lot and i can see why he is talented but i personally don't see him as good as either Lucy or Nina but the fact that his talent is recognised by the brits was a very good thing as it showed that the music industry is not blind to this increase of singer songwriters.

Gabrielle Aplin (Born 1992) (Active since 2008) 

Now she is brilliant. Ive been a fan of hers since October of last year, her song "Panic Cord" is amazing and i was incredibly sad that she was being recognised for her cover of "Power Of Love" when she has done so much else, none the less her debut album is out soon and mark my words she WILL become the biggest thing since Ed Sheeran.

Birdy (Born 1996) (Active since 2008)

Be warned she is young, as old as me in fact but she is talented very,very talented her voice is striking and her self titled debut album of 2011 shows that. she has gained public recognition once already and mark my words by now she will be hungry for fame again soon, and i'm waiting for it.

Jake Bugg (Born 1994) (Active Since 2011)

Jake is the best artist on this list, let me make that clear. He is amazing i've seen him live, he may not interact with the crowd but god damn it he can get it going, he is not the next bob Dylan as people say, he is the first Jake Bugg, his uniqueness in our age is welcome and i hope he never sells out.