Sunday, 14 April 2013

Joanne Shaw Taylor - A Legend in the making?

Joanne Shaw Taylor born 1986 is one of many aspiring young musicians active on the blues scene over here in Britain. However she is not just "one" of the musicians she is "The" musician of the moment in the blues scene.
Born and raised in Birmingham, UK she heard the music of Blues Legends like Stevie Ray Vaughan, Albert Collins and Jimi Hendrix and immediately became hooked on the blues.
Her professional life inside the blues world started however when she turned 16 when Dave Stewart (Best known for his work with Eurythmics) invited her to join his supergroup D.U.P.
It wasn't long before her talent and skill caught the eyes and attention of the music industry with  her debut album "White Sugar" released in 2009 gaining attention from the musical world, this album among her other 3, is a true blues piece of magic in our century and for me easily ranks as one of the better blues album of the 00s as well as the best album of 2009. Apparently it wasn't only me who thought this. As she got given the illustrious 'Best British Female Vocalist' from the 2010 blues music awards. Quickly following this we'll deserved hype she released the amazing second album "Diamond In The Dirt" in 2010 which again showed her talent immaculately, with her winning not one, but two awards at everybody's favourite awards ceremony the 2011 Blues Music Awards, winning "Best British Female Vocalist" and "Songwriter of the year" for her song "Same As It Never Was" from her second album.
Still Climbing her way up the showbiz ladder she last year attained public recognition albeit for a very short time when she performed alongside Annie Lenox for the Diamond Jubilee Concert outside Buckingham Palace in celebration of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, and despite a malfunction with her fuzz phase pedal she managed to pull of possibly the biggest event of her career so far in front of 12,000 people excluding the people watching/listening outside of the designated areas. Almost as if a consolation for this unlucky turn of events, Stevie Wonder (Yes the legend himself) praised her guitar work saying that he loved her "Clean, bluesy, understated tone".
2012 was clearly a fruitful year for Joanne as in this monster of a year for her she released the remarkable album "Almost Always Never" which marked a significant moving of Joanne from Blues-based Rock towards a more experimental direction, and although i loved her two previous albums, this album may just (very close) be better than them.
Although this article may of been about her career it is worth noting that she is without a doubt one of the best female guitarist ever... and im not just saying that to suck up to Joanne (although....), im not even alone in this opinion. Ranked as the "8th Best Female Blues Guitarist who will blow you away" on,  1st on "5 Badass Female Blues Guitarists Who Rock Harder Than You" on Mystery Tricycle, and countless others.
Watch this space world.