Sunday, 30 June 2013

They rolled stones in Glasto

Last night one of the greatest band ever went to one of the greatest festivals ever with them they brought a anticipation to match no other at the festival as well as a seasoned set list of hits to rival none.

Despite living roughly 8 miles from  Glastonbury itself i failed to get tickets so i had to cope with (as many of you did) watching them on the TV, so the first moment i got to see them they were mid-way through playing "miss You" and i'll admit to being disappointed in Mick and the boys as they were seemingly not getting the crowd up and dancing how wrong i was.

Following this Midnight Rambler gained a almost euphoric feel from the crowd and i was busy contemplate whether the Stones are the best band i've seen on the TV. Mick then launched into the much-unspoken about bardic tale of "2000 years" from their 1967 album Satanic Majesties Request, claiming that "We're not going to do the whole of Satanic Majesties" and making myself and every viewer wish they did all of it. As the stage filled with light and a psychedelic atmosphere i felt like i was witnessing them first hand, before they shot into their bad-luck song "Sympathy for the Devil" which saw Jagger draped in a cape made of Faux Crows and a giant metallic bird look upon the crowd and breath smoke upon them (No I'm not on drugs... look it up). 
Start me up, Tumbling Dice and Brown Sugar all followed with the crowd never losing its fever over the Stones, and by the point that they strolled out for their encore you could feel the anticipation pulsing from the crowd. 

The wait, the confirmation of the encore, a perfect rendition of "you can't always get what you want" and a beautiful "Satisfaction" finished off the night alongside a unified bow from all of the surviving Stones (Excluding Bill Wyman).

A Perfect End to a Perfect Show.