Sunday, 23 June 2013

Up in Bristol Irish Boys Run Wild

Three Yesterdays ago i headed up to the big ol' city of Bristol, why? Well although i find Boring as Fuck boats interesting, i actually went up to see the Strypes. You know the Strypes, the band i go on about for ages like here and here as well.

So anyway The Strypes are my second favourite band of these dark damp modern times. So i went up there to see them, I got served (which is always good for a 16 year old male) and i also got right to the front.

For the life of me i can't remember what they played though.... "Can't Judge a book", "hometown girls", "Blue collar jane" i remember them.... i don't remember much else, i wasn't even really drunk...

However i met them before the gig, they're very irish but nice enough, i spoke to them about the Who and apparently they share the same manager, i also stole one of their picks after they left the stage, i was going to take the setlist too,  but the guy next to me got hit for trying to, and i like my beautiful rugged face so i didn't want to risk it.

So overall a A-Class night out and a fucking brilliant band, my 2nd favourite Gig ever, only after the FUCKING WHO, then again all of the Strypes age added up together is probably still younger than Roger Daltrey's age so maybe they'll become better.