Tuesday, 4 June 2013

The Modfather Part II: Kane

Miles Kane was (many years ago) a simple poor kid, he used to sit around listening to his parents records of the Beatles or the Who or the Jam, while all his contemporaries sat around listening to the latest boy bands and pop sh*t. Much like me actually.

However Miles unlike myself took action and started carving out a career, first in small bands at the age of 16 and gradually into minor known bands like 'the little rascals'. Despite this his name and hence his true brand of music would go unnoticed until 2008. When he and Arctic Monkeys Frontman 'Alex Turner' released a album together called 'Last of the Shadow Puppets', this album became critically acclaimed and gave off the feeling of he first fresh mod feel since Paul Weller had stopped releasing good albums.

In 2011 he finally released his critically acclaimed debut album called 'Colour Of The Trap' which gained popularity due to its anthem-like 'Come Closer' and presenting a even more modern mod image then 'Last Of The Shadow Puppets' had.

Now with his success and rising popularity he has a new album to release a equally good second album, He did this Yesterday (June 3rd) and having listened to it, i can confirm that Miles is still the next modfather.