Monday, 12 January 2015

Artists of 2015 #2 - Tobias Jesso Jr

I was on the internet the other day, as you all are right now, I was reading about, getting my information and such. I stumbled across a piece on Tobias Jesso Jr. In it the author compared him to Elton John, John Lennon and… Tom Odell.

Its not a hidden fact that I hate Tom Odell. So I was very offended that people could look at Tobias and say you're like that piano pop kid. Tobias is on a different wavelength and he is a talented musician.

The artist however who he is most similar to is Harry Nilsson, the famous rock balladeer. While Tobias may not have the voice to match Nilsson's he does have the same song-writing spirit. Nowhere is this more prevalent than on Tobias' song Hollywood.

Love songs are perhaps the most common sort of song, it is the reason many people play the guitar. So writing an amazing love song is increasingly difficult, but Tobias. Tobias has it.

Album Goon out March 17th