Monday, 19 January 2015

Artist of 2015 #3 - H Hawkline

Heavenly Recordings has had a phenomenal few years with their signing, including Temples, their latest signing is H Hawkline a very talented and unique singer/songwriter.

H Hawkline recently finished an opening slot for Cate Le Bon which he has applauded for in several reviews. His music is not perhaps as groundbreaking as you would wish. It does not conjure up a feeling of euphoric discover, nor does it make you feel like you've just heard god.

Rather his music, in a abstract way, reminds you of the past, a past full of exclusively psychedelic guitars and songwriters sat on open porches. This is the time when H Hawkline would have been faultlessly successful.

Unfortunately  however he has been placed in a world where selling out, looks and cheerfulness are the greatest habits a charting performer can have. H Hawkline will not do any of those things for the money, he is an artist, he promises great music, and with Heavenly Recordings behind him, I think we can all hope that he will break into the mainstream conscious in his own H Hawkline way.