Friday, 9 January 2015

Leon Bridges

Yesterday I was thinking about how abysmal 2014 was for music. Now there are many points that could be argued that it was a great year for music. But for my personal taste it was beaten by almost any other recent year that I can think about.
The stand out moments in 2014 were probably The War On Drugs & Saint Vincent. However some new bands sparked my interest, those being: Jungle, The Districts , Alvvays, and Benjamin Booker.
Another such artist is American soul maestro Leon Bridges, who came to my attention around October last year with his incredible Coming Home.

Leon feels like he was built specifically for my music taste. He sings retro-inspired soul music, with a classic nostalgic feeling, while avoiding to seem like a tribute act. He sounds closer to Otis Redding then he does D'Angelo. 
The most obvious thing about Leon is that he is a throwback, he reminds you of the 60s, musically and visually due to his style. This is perhaps a mixture of the best and the most worrying thing about him.
While it definitely finishes the package of "Leon Bridges" and makes him feel like a amazing figure. It does make me worry that a lot of potential fans will not listen to him, because of his retro image, and while retro does pay in the modern musical climate, the only worry is that will it force him to be stereotyped as stuck in the past, by both his critics and his fans.