Monday, 24 November 2014

Weezer's River Cuomo IAMA on Reddit. Things we Now know.

In case anyone was wondering I trawl though Reddit. One of the things that I found a few days ago was that River Cuomo of Weezer is doing a IAMA, now this is 4 days later, yet I haven't seen a round-up of it. So I figured whose more qualified than me to do one. A lot of people actually. 

So here are the top 10 things we learnt from River Cuomo's IAMA.  You can read the IAMA here
  1. He's not a big movie guy
  2. What did he think of himself in the 90s? "We Rule" 
  3. When he was younger he really did want to be monk
  4. His pre-gig ritual is that he plays Frisbee with bandmate Scott 
  5. His favourite animal? "Pig" 
  6. He thinks all Weezer fans should here The Beach Boy's Pet Sounds and Ozma's Rock & Roll Part 3
  7. He says "we're confident we're going to keep making kick ass music that we all love" 
  8. When he started his career he tried to look like Rick Moranis. No one thought he did. 
  9. His hobby when not doing music "Going to Shakespeare plays 
  10. The musician he has always felt connected to? "J.S Bach"