Sunday, 30 November 2014

George Harrison & His 71st Birthday

George; a 71 year saint would have looked fondly his lawns in Friars Park as he awoke on the 29th Of November. His death day. Unfortunately George is not able to act this scenario for me, as he passed on in 2001.

Personally, George has always been the Beatle who spoke to me. George always seemed, better. Ringo was the one I think I could of been buddies with, he would say a joke, I'd say a joke. Paul was the one who I reckon I'd be friends with but I'd get I'd feel a little too clean if I spent too much time with him. John is the one who is raw and unafraid. George was silent, funny, and thoughtful, exactly how I like humans.

You'll find everyone talking about him nowadays. How he had the best post-Beatles solo album; the immaculate All Things Must Pass, how he had the first and last solo number 1 out of all the Beatles: My Sweet Lord & Got My Mind Set On You. And about how Martin Scorsese made one of the best documentaries ever about him Living In The Material World .

The cult of George is large, fruitful and enterable. He could do pop, world, psychedelic, Blues, Rock, Old-time, folk and almost anything he felt like doing.

Here i'm going to recommend a few deep cuts of his to the uninitiated.

I'd Have You Anytime (1970) 

Now, its hard to say anything on All Thing Must Pass is ignored, but this song is a pure classic. If I were asked, what does All Things Must Pass sound like? I'd show them this track, its near pure perfection, wrote by mssrs Dylan & Harrison.

Miss O'Dell (1973)

A B-side to a groupie in the middle of his divorce from Patti Boyd, surely its a creepy love song? 
No, it really isn't. It was the B-side to Give me Love (another bit of gold). Chris O'dell herself was very fond of the song and used the name as the title for her very-readable autobiography. 

Dark Horse (1974) 

How can the song an album is named after be a deep cut? Because the album was/and is neglected. George's voice is perhaps, well terrible, but the songs itself is very very good, and several bootleg versions show George singing it with his voice in a far better condition. 

This Guitar (Can't Keep From Crying) (1975)

A sequel to While My Guitar Gently Weeps. The song naturally fails to beat its predecessor but is itself a very good track, If a bit uninspired. Alongside You it is the album highlight of Extra Texture one of George's most ignored albums. 

Crackerbox Palace (1976)

The Harrison fans will now start saying how this is not a deep cut. No it isn't, its a beautiful song wrote about Lord Buckley's house. Its crazy, monty-python-in-music goodness, and is a under recognised tune. 

Mo (1977) 

This is without a doubt the rarest song on this list. It was wrote for Mo Ostin the president of Warner Bros Records. It is a beautiful throw-back to George's earlier solo career.

Faster (1979)

George's F1 obsession in single form. Its was probably George's best tracks since 1973 in my opinion. Its a very good tune.

Flying Hour (1980) 

One of the songs that were rejected from the Somewhere In England album by Warner Bros, (3/4 of them are classics). This would have been the best song on that album, I still have no clue why they were rejected. 

Circles (1982) 

One of George's most outlandish tracks, proving just how unique it was, only George could have made it. 

Devil's Radio (1987)

Gossip, is the Devil's Radio. This is George's response to all the rumours about him during his 5 year absence from the music industry. Cloud 9 is a damn good album, and i'm also in love with Thats What It Takes but that is far too pop to be said aloud. 

Looking For My Life (2002) 

George posthumous album was one of his finest. It easily rivalled Cloud 9 while being slightly worse than All Things Must Pass and Living In The Material World. This song is perhaps his most Beatles track on the record. 

RIP My Sweet Lord