Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Jimmy Page's proudest moment…. was with Leona Lewis?

In a recent interview with Uncut, Jimmy Page has said that his greatest achievement outside of Led Zeppelin was performing with X-factor winning singer Leona Lewis at the 2008 olympics in Beijing.

In the interview Page complimented Lewis' vocals during their performance of Whole Lotta Love saying that "She's really plucky, she's superb and she sang 'Whole Lotta Love' brilliantly".

Of the performance he also said that he was very proud that "We didn't fuck it up". "It was a Led Zeppelin number but it took on another persona. I was proud to be able to play that riff for the handover."

Page has in recent interviews discussed the possibility that he will tour in 2015 alongside a backing band, while he in september he discussed with NME that Led Zeppelin are not looking likely to reunite "I don't think it looks as though thats a possibility or on the cards".

Recently Page has also published a self-titled autobiography made up of over 600 photos from across his career.