Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Necromancy - Or bringing a blog back to life

Well as anyone can tell my consistently on this blog is appalling. However I now intend to take this blog to a new level. I shall try my hardest to update with new pieces at least every week (Starting with either this week or next week.

This blog shall now include two new series that should help form the majority of the pieces inside it. One of these pieces shall be on modern day blues musicians. This shall cover modern musicians who are playing the blues in the modern day. The people I shall cover will have been born post-1980, to reflect the "Modern" aspect. People who shall be part of this series include Goldie Reed,  Lucy Zirins, and hopefully such as acts as: Marcus Bonfanti, Laurence Jones among others

The over series that I shall be doing is lost bands. I shall try to conduct interviews with members of these bands and I shall try to either post the interviews as they were conducted or (If I have two members of the same band) I shall tell the story of the band from their words. Upcoming "lost bands" include Felt (Who had a amazing album in 1971), Orang-Utan, and Gandalf, while hopefully it will include lost bands like Shadows Of The Knight, The Standells, United States Of America, and there is a (slim) chance that I will be able to get a interview with former members of Love.

So thats what we can all look forward to.

Also there is a chance that I will have left overs from a feature I'm writing. So you may have the leftovers from that feature, that aren't really relevant for my feature, these interviews may include Rocky Athas, Alan Skidmore, Hank Van Sickle, Buddy Whittington, Jon Hiseman and Tony Reeves.