Monday, 24 November 2014

Bob Dylan plays unique concert for one very lucky son of a *****

Yesterday afternoon about 3pm I was in the supermarket. I bought a pack of roll, A pack of chargrilled chicken and a packet of Crackers. I then walked back to my dorm in the rain, and listened to some Replacements on the way back.

While I was listening to I Will Dare one Swedish lucky 41 year old fellow named Fredrik Wikingsson was sitting in Philadelphia's Academy of Music. To his left was no-one, to his right was no-one, behind him was no-one, but in front of him was the greatest artist of the 20th century, and the voice of more than one generation; Bob Dylan, or Zimmy to his weirder fans. 

In the amazing concert Wikingsson was alone, he sat in the second row of the arena. Because as he told Rolling Stone, he thought "the front row might freak him [Dylan] out". 

Photo by Getty.

In the unique concert experience Dylan played 4 songs, Covers of Buddy Holly's Heartbeat, Fats Domino's Blueberry Hill  and Chuck Will's It's Too Late (She's gone), as well as a unnamed "blues jam".

In the Rolling Stone article Wikingsson said that "Part of me was thinking, 'maybe this won't happen and it'll be for the best. I don't want to impose on Mr Dylan. I don't want him to stand there and be grouchy, just hating it" however in the end Wikingsson say the concert was "just so fucking great".

The unique experience was organised by Swedish film series Experiment Ensam. A video of the concert is due to be put up on Youtube on the 15th of December.