Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Malibu - Anderson Paak

Anderson Paak is somebody who I only knew because of one song I heard in the middle of summer, that song, The Bird, was a beautiful song and at the time I was complacent to not explore Paak’s recent album but due to my reviews I’ve ended up listening to it, and I’m unsure whether I like it or don’t care for it.

Paak’s career began back in 2011 and he first gained fame in 2015 due to appearing on Dr Dre’s Compton album, which I admit I never heard. 

However I was excited to find this out as I have been a fan of Dre’s 90s G-Funk sound, sadly however while Paak does investigate funk he never quite takes it and forces it to dance with him.

This is the second album of the Californian Hip Hop star.

The best song on the entire album was The Bird, a simple and beautiful 60s soul-esque song which opens the album and fills your mind with endless possibilities of what the album may become.

Unfortunately it then lets you down, and when it doesn’t it tends to be mediocre hip-hop, avoiding anything that might make it unique.

Despite this however there are several songs in which Paak really makes a good case for the album, Heart Don’t Stand A Chance, Am I Wrong, Room In Here and Celebrate are all great tracks that I felt could have signaled Paak as a big player.

Paak recently released Yes Lawd! as part of the Hip Hop duo NxWorries.

Sadly however I’m left feeling rather put out by the album, the highs aren’t high enough and the lows are of putting. It’s apparent that Paak despite having talent has fallen victim to the hype of the media.

Paak's NPR Tiny Desk Concert performance.