Sunday, 25 December 2016

A Seat At The Table - Solange

Solange is probably best known for being the sister of Beyonce, Solange is popular, talented and cool but let’s be honest she’s still best known as Beyoncé’s sister. While she doesn’t particularly stray from the musical content of a Beyoncé record Solange has managed to create a rare, yet good, political pop album.

However contrary to Beyoncé Solange has amassed more critical attention than popular, her 2008 record was praised for it’s neo soul sound and her 2012 EP True is one of the best EPs of recent memory.

So A Seat At The Table had to compete with Beyoncé’s shadow and previous critical acclaim, plus the fact she hadn’t made a studio album in 8 years.

The album artwork of Solange's third studio album.

The album rises to the test though and it is one of the few pop albums of the year which is wholly enjoyable, some songs might be more hit than miss, and some interludes might annoy more than inspire, but overall it’s a pleasant well thought out record.

There’s the stand out song though, Cranes In The Sky, which is perfect R&B, that’s the sort of song that’ll stand the test of time, it’s infectious, hooky and overwhelming.

It’s not the only great track though Weary, Don’t You Wait and Don’t Touch My Hair are all great songs and Solange has proven to the world that she has the ability to be better than Beyoncé.

The American singer credits Motown as a major influence on the album.

It’s just a shame she released A Seat At The Table the same year as Beyoncé released Lemonade and has became, almost out of nowhere, a critically loved artist, and has seemingly became the godmother of modern R&B.

That’s the biggest flaw of the record, timing. Solange toiled for 8 years, and crafted a great album but on the year of it’s release it’s closest comparison and biggest rival was made by her big sister, whose shadow Solange seems unable to escape.