Thursday, 29 December 2016

Lemonade - Beyonce

2016 was the year of Beyoncé more than any other music artist. It was the year where she became political, the year she got critical acclaim and the year she redefined the concept of a surprise album and the music video. 

I’m not a fan of Beyoncé. Sure she’s released a fair few catchy pop songs that I’ve not minded and I’ve always appreciated that she has a good set of lungs, I also enjoyed her singing Etta James’ At Last at President Obama’s inauguration. I also didn't mind her sister Solange, but I’ve never been a fan of Beyoncé.

Lemonade is an album I expected to hate, I expected to listen to it and think “why is this so well thought of?” then I’d complain until I bored even myself and then I’d never pick up the album again, that’s what I expected.

The artwork for the sixth studio album of Beyonce released in April 2016. 

Expectations though are made to be broken by Beyoncé. Because Lemonade is one of the best albums of the year, although I can’t comment on the music videos which have all gained phenomenal adoration because I haven’t watched them.

Lemonade is constantly catchy, constantly innovative and a never-ending barrage of emotion.

It’s hard to admit that though cause I really expected to hate the album like I had Anti by Rihanna, but Beyoncé didn’t let me, she grabbed hold of my ears and moaned at me for almost a hour and then set me down, while I was sat shocked at the emotion, expressiveness and experimentation that I had previous considered Beyoncé unable of.

Hold Up is possibly Beyoncé’s peak as a emotive and personal artist with lyrics like “How did it come own to this/Scrolling through your call list?” admitting the flaws and weaknesses in her relationship with Jay-Z with whom she has long been seen as a power couple of contemporary music.

The 35-Year-Old artist has been making music since 1997. 

The most shocking moment though aren’t her truthful lyrics or dark confessions instead it comes in the form of Daddy Lessons, which destroys all the pop/R&B conceptions of Beyoncé, as it’s a country-pop song about her relationship with her father.

Honestly Lemonade confused me. Does this mean I’ll suddenly be appreciative of all her past efforts I wrote off after hearing the hit single from the album? Perhaps I should give other pop stars that are more known for catchy hits than innovative melodies?

If you need me though I’ll be posing with my copy of Loaded by The Velvet Underground.