Wednesday, 3 December 2014

10 things learned from Sleater-Kinney's Reddit IAMA

Yesterday (2/12/14), famous Riot Grrl band Sleater-Kinney took to Reddit to promote their recent reunion. Below are the top 10 things that were learned from the IAMA. See the full IAMA here.

1. Why the band don't use Bass?

"Funny thing but I don't really love low end. That big bass sound that hits you in your gut is unpleasant! Not having a bass allows for the drums to occupy an interesting space in the music, which I really love. Also, bass players often make those funny faces." - Janet Weiss

2. Does Janet Weiss think that pop stars have cheapened the use of fans on stage?

"You just put me and my fan in the same sentence as JLo and Beyonce? That is kind of awesome. I am not using it for the wind blown look, but to keep from sweating profusely. Not as sexy as those other ladies, right?"

3. Will there be a Portlandia skit involving the reunion?

"Unlikely. But Fred offered to be our roadie in real life."

4. Our Pearl jam as cool in real life?

"I think we met Eddie Vedder through some mutual friends in Seattle. He has always been really supportive of our music and invited us to open for PJ. YES, the whole band is just as cool in real life. They were all so kind to us!" - Corin Tucker

5.How much of their sound is in the producer or studio and how much just comes from the band as musicians?

"Our work with our producers, especially Dave Fridmann and John Goodmanson is a collaboration. What really is happening though is that we are all serving the songs - what do they require? Where are we taking the sound? We push the ideas and together make sure we are getting far enough with them to convey the true meaning of the music. The studio and the experience can contribute but when listening to the record it is often difficult to know which albums were difficult to make and which were not. One the new album we definitely were trying to achieve an edgy immediacy."

6. How has Carrie's voice got better over the course of the band's history?

"When you sing with someone like Corin you have to step up your game. I am not a singer but I can write a melody."

7. What sort of songs can fans expect on this tour?

"We have been practicing songs from each album in addition to the new songs. Probably not a lot of rarities as those might have been weeded out years ago for a reason! Some songs fit together in the set better and some are just our favorites like Jumpers or Oh!"

8. What will other songs on the album sound like?

They unveiled one of the songs here, on sound cloud.

9. Thoughts on the media.

"I would love for the media to celebrate more diversity. Stereotypes are so stifling and can quell creativity. We need to open up options as far as the complexity of our personalities. Who we see on the screen or the words we read can help us understand the human condition as fluid and mysterious and not always one thing or another."

10. The artist they've most wanted to cover, but never have.