Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Top 25 songs of 2014 so far!

I'd argue that 2014 has been a worse year for rock music than 2013 was. There have been fewer stand out bands, fewer amazing debut singles and less amazing albums. However don't allow my pessimistic thoughts make you think that modern rock is still not in fine form. There have been plenty of amazing songs released this year and in no particular order here are my top 25 songs released in 2014 (Not exclusively rock but probably)

Rango - Catfish & The Bottlemen 

Genre: Indie Rock

Next Time - Curtis Harding

Genre: Soul, Funk, Rock

I Almost Fell - Axxa/Abraxas 

Genre: 60s-style Psychedelic Rock

Lazaretto - Jack White

Genre: Blues Rock/Rock

My Silver Lining - First Aid Kit

Genre: Folk Pop 

Adult Diversion - Alvvays 

Genre: Folk Pop 

Heavenly Creatures - Wolf Alice

Genre: Alternative Rock

Love Is To Die - Warpaint 

Genre: Psychedelic Rock

Sun Structures - Temples 

Genre: Psychedelic Rock

Monaco - Public Access T.V

No Youtube Video !!!! Its on sounddcloud though! So go to it. 

Genre: Indie Rock

Blood Runs Wild - Ruen Brothers 

Genre: (Almost like) 50s Rock & Roll, with a 60s feel

The Heat - Jungle

Genre: Hip-hop (The first Hip Hop song i've ever liked!) 

Stuck In My Teeth - Circa Waves

Genre: Indie Rock

Violent Shiver - Benjamin Booker

Genre: Punk Blues 

Fear Not Victorious - Hero Fisher 

Not on Youtube! But it is on sound cloud. 

Genre: Singer Songwriter/Alternative Rock - Like PJ Harvey

Mirage - Courtly Love

Genre: Psychedelic Rock (with some 70s Heartland) 

Birth In Reverse - St Vincent  

Genre: Funk/Alternative Rock or Art Pop

Feed My Brain - Radkey

Not on youtube. Is on Soundcloud & iTunes. 

Genre: Punk (Almost like soft hardcore punk)

High Hopes - Bruce Springsteen 

Genre: Heartland Rock

Leaving It All Behind - Harts

Gerne: Funk

Love Letters  - Metronomy

Genre: 60s Pop (Think Paul McCartney) 

Avant Gardener - Courtney Barnet

Genre: Alterative Slacker Rock

Hard To Say No - The Strypes

Genre: Hard Blues Rock

Micheline - Sun Kil Moon 

Genre: Folk 

Red Eyes - The War On Drugs

Genre: Heartland Rock