Monday, 16 June 2014

Rock N' Horsepower - Hurtwood Park - 14th June - THE WHO

If you're a Who fanatic (Wholigan as i've been told) you may have been aware of the poorly publicised Who and Kenney Jones reunion that occurred of the 14th of June.

The Who for the first time since the 80s reunited with their post-Keith Moon drummer, and during this concert they rocked. Although their setlist was very very short, it was easily worth it from my perspective as for just £20 I stood right in front of Roger & Pete just 3 metres or so away. The whole Event was compere by Angelos and Vic Reeves (From Reeves & Mortimer)

The most fantastic Who! played:

I Can't Explain (Incredible for the record) 
Substitute (Again incredible, with stereotypical microphone swinging and guitar windmilling from the Who)
The Kid's Are Alright (Probably the weaker number played, but regardless it was amazing) 
Pinball Wizard (The second time i've seen them play this, as i saw them last year
5:15 (Again incredible live, although last time it was better too)

It's Only Rock N Roll But I Like It (Rolling Stones) - It was worse than when i saw the Stones play it last year - This was sung with a lot of the other musicians who had performed during the day excluding Jeff Beck, Roger Daltrey & Procal Harum. While Pete danced around with Vic Reeves rather than singing at times. 

Despite the fact that the Who may have been the best performers they were not the only performers who amazed me

Here are the set lists of the other musicians and my comments on them

Fabbagirls (A ABBA tribute band) - Why? Why? Why? Why? Why were you there, you were the most cringeworty act there and when people applauded and you said "this isn't the first time we've had the clap" I almost peed myself in laughter. (Don't get the joke? Ask the nearest doctor)

Jeff Beck - Arguably the greatest living guitarist (Only Page, Clapton and Green can honestly possibly beat him and two of those don't play live regularly), he was phenomenal. He played covers.

Little Wing (Jimi Hendrix) - Incredible. He played a solo in there which amazed me. Mick Hucknall Sang Vocals
A Day In the Life (Beatles) - Again incredible, so versatile.
Wild Thing (Troggs) - Jesus, is this you in reincarnation! Although even the most amateur guitarists can play this (Like moi), he takes it into a realm of his own. Again Mick Hucknall sang vocals.

Nik Kershaw - The 80s teen idol was surprisingly good. I could call myself a fan of his.

The Riddle - Amazing
Wouldn't It Be Good - Again Awesome.

John Lodge - The Singer/Songwriter of The Moody Blues

I'm Just A Singer In A Rock And Roll Band - One of my favourite acoustic fast rock songs, pure unadulterated rock and roll. Truly incredible.
Nights In White Satin - One of the biggest classic of the 60s played right before me, by its writer. Needless to say i loved it.

Mike Rutherford - Of Genesis (& The Mechanics)

I Honestly can't tell you what he played they were all Mike & The Mechanics songs, all very stadium rocking. I'll look them up

Judy Tzuke - English Chanteuse

Stay With Me Till Dawn - A truly beautiful song, if not a little too peaceful for the event

She also played another song. Something about a beach, it was a really funky amazing song, its a shame can't remember…

Alvin Stardust - 70s Rock & Roll

Pretend - Forgettable, but alright
Johnny B Goode (Chuck Berry) - Amazing song, terrible performance of it. Alvin was probably the second worst performer of the night.

Mick Hucknall, Damon Hill & Kenney Jones -  A Simply Red Singer, A F1 Driver and a legendary drummer walk into a bar.

Stay With Me (Faces) - The classic faces song, and as close to a Faces reunion as your going to get, although rumours suggest I'm wrong.
Debris (Faces) - Slow, unfitting for the setting but a lovely song.

John Parr - 80s Rocker of awesome proportions

Oh Well (Fleetwood Mac) - Arguably my favourite guitar song by my favourite guitarist (Peter Green), performed by a rock legend
St Elmo's Fire - A.W.E.S.O.M.E

Rick Wills & Kenney Jones - (Vic Reeves for LAzy Sunday)

Afterglow (Small Faces)  - The worst song out of the three performed. The Small faces always were my favourite Faces incarnate
All Or Nothing (Small Faces) - The best sing-along song. A True legend of a song.
Lazy Sunday (Small Faces) - Vic Reeves practically turned this into a comedy routine, Ronnie Lane would be proud.

Procal Harum - John Lennon's favourite band for a while

Salty Dog - A rocking song, by a rocking band
Wall Street Blues - As rock and Roll as the night could possibly be.
Pandora's Box - Beautiful, Procal Harum really were a underrated band in my opinion.
Conquistidor - My second favourite song of theres, performed amazingly
A White Shade Of Pale - Pure awesome, arguably the best song of the 60s, behind While My Guitar Gently Weeps and All Along The Watchtower.

Thanks for the great evening Kenney Jones, and to anyone reading (if you're real) please consider donating to Prostate Cancer UK who the concert was performed for.