Saturday, 25 October 2014

RIP Jack Bruce

This year the world of music has lost many legends. We have lost one of the greatest Blues guitarists who ever existed (RIP Johnny Winter), the last original member of the quintessential punk rock band (Tommy Ramone) and arguably the last great soul men (Bobby Womack). Just last week we lost Glam Rocker Alvin Stardust, and today we lost perhaps one of the most important figures in rock music's history; Jack Bruce.

To many, that name may mean nothing, but to me he means a lot, and to plenty of you he did as well. Without Jack it is questionable if the bass would play as prominent a role as it did in the Rock industry. Yes John Entwistle in "My generation" came before, Jack became a household name but Jack had been playing in London Blues-based bands since the early 60s, he played with the Graham Bond Organisation, Blues Incorporated and with John Mayall. He helped define the Blues base of the British invasion. Without him, the british invasion may have lacked the fearful buzz that it brought to American radios.

With Cream alongside Ginger Baker and Eric Clapton, he helped establish the Hard Rock and Psychedelic rock sounds while perfecting the Blues Rock sound. Riffs such as Sunshine Of Your Love would not have been possible without him. It was he who gave us the first echoes of Hard Rock, the first hints of Metal and it was he who perhaps regretted this the most.

In his post-Cream years he had a popular solo career and played sidemen to many great icons, such as Frank Zappa. He also had a very successful jazz fusion career in the 70s. During the 80s he collaborated with rock heroes such as Gary Moore, Robin Trower, and Rory Gallagher. Alongside Gary Moore he re-joined Ginger Baker and they released a thrilling Blues-Rock album.

In 2005 the long-awaited Cream reunion took place, and it was supposedly fantastic, this ended perhaps the greatest Rock band, on perhaps the highest note possible. In more recent years Jack had recorded several solo albums including Silver Rails from this year.

Today he died, surrounded by his family. So join me in wishing Jack the greatest for the afterlife. R.I.P Jack Bruce

Listen to It in his honour: Fresh Cream (1966) Disrareli Gears (1967), Crossroads (1968), Songs For A Tailor (1969), Around the Next Dream (1993), Silver Rails (2014)